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Speed/response changes with APAS engaged.


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Aug 31, 2018
I've noticed a couple of times that when I enabled APAS while in P-mode, the M2 suddenly reacted to stick movements much stronger, i.e., the same amount of stick caused the drone to jump and go much faster in APAS than when it was off.

Is there place to adjust this setting? or is this normal? or what?
I just wish they had a "max speed" setting available. So I can dial in any speed I want up to the max. I noticed Apas enabling slows it down some then it builds back up to the full speed. I really don't trust it. The testing I have done I felt it wasn't going to stop.
That would be handy.

Tripod mode helps but it's like 2.5mph. Sometimes I feel like 7mph would be perfect for where I'm at and what I want. It's hard as crap to do this by stick alone. This is where litchi comes in handy... I can pre-program it this way BUT would be so easy to do if you just had a quick limit setting under the aircraft settings.

This would also help when I wanna teach people to fly.
APAS isnt on by default ?
Where did you enable it ?

No, I was confused at first, too. On the left below the take-off and landing icons is a white triangle icon with APAS legend - you touch that and it turns green when enabled.
With APAS off, quad will stop when it detects obstructions. With APAS on, quad will try and go around the obstacle.
Sometimes going around is more risky than a stop, as it might not detect another obstacle that you also might not see, such as a utility wire. If it had stopped, you might then notice the wire.
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