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Spray Can attachment

I was surprised to learn that the Payload droppers where a touchy subject with the F.A.A. Companies sell them, and I have a couple as do a lot of people. BUT as far as if they are actually legal can open up a whole debate at a F.A.A. safety meeting.

That wouldn't surprise me at all, given the way drones have made news with payload dropping capabilities in recent times.

Even a simple payload release might help the OP, if they can do it legally.
A small soft ziplock type bag with paint, again just a one drop system, maybe to test their plan.
After I got my first Dropper I Asked a person in the Know about it because dropping stuff with our Model Planes has pretty much been relegated to very small lead weights on Estes rocket parachutes. If you are fishing I could see the benefit but isn't the little lure still capable of causing injury when dropped?
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