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Strobes, Mounts, Locations

Ok. Thank you. I figured but didn’t know.

I’ll check them out.

Any particular color they want?
The ViFly strobes are another good option, a bit smaller and lighter. I use both. The Firehouse Arc V seems a bit brighter.

There's no FAA requirement for color, but white provides the best visibility. The ViFly strobes incorporate three selectrable colors - white, red, green.

There is no test standard for visibility, so you have to depend on the manufacturer's claim of three-mile visibility. Some lower priced units obviously don't measure up.
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If the front of the drone was facing away from you, you have green in back and red in front. Red should be left front and green right front, white in back, and top if the white can't be seen from above. For me red and green should be running solid so there is less confusion when seeing from a distance, and knowing the drone is coming at you or going away.
...although I will say when you see the drone at a mile out, you will only see red when facing to the side, then you'll see red and green...and no white when coming home. Turn the drone around and you'll only see white; I can't see the red/green. For me, what I am saying is unless the drone is up close, I never see all three colors at once when I mount as you described flat facing fwd or rwd. At over mile, you can barely make out the red and green flashing especially when they are mismatched but you can easily see the white flashing. However, I think I'm going to go with solids on red/green, see how that works. This is at 200/300 AGL.
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