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Survey- Will you be switching to the Mavic 2/2 Pro?

Will you be switching from the Mavic series to the Mavic 2 Series? If so, which one?

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Aug 26, 2018
OK Mavic fliers....Are you going to switch from the good old Mavic to the new-fangled Mavic? If so, which one? Please let me know your answers.
Ordered M2P on Sunday and listed my MP with Flymore on Gumtree. MP sold tonight for £695. It’s been a blast. Absolutely loved it but it would just end up in the loft so had to go. Probably could have held out for more as some are advertising at £850 but there’s lots been listed, so needed to be priced sharply.
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I'm going to get a M2P but with all the problems being reported it doesn't make sense for me to be an early adopter. The picture & video quality with the 1 inch sensor make it hard not to get one but I have to trust that my bird is not going to fall out of the sky. Definitely buying refresh for this one.
i bought my 2 mavic pros mainly from impulse and while theres some things about the mp2 i like,buyers will have to convince me the mp2 is a good buy
seeing the gimbal fall apart from glue failure certainly isnt a good start
im still trying to wrap my head around using glue to put it together
I say no for now, because I just bought my mavic pro and filters over the last couple of months so its all new to me still. I do love the new camera though, so if the right price comes along at some point, sure. But not now.. And I like to see how the launch kinks work out.
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I am so on the fence about even just buying an MP2/MP2Z. I've got a bunch of the DJI drones as I love "tech" but I've come to realize I hardly use any of the features of most of my drones. I hardly ever use the Intelligent modes, I don't fly too far, the 20+ minutes of flight time (with my MP) is long enough; I rarely fly in situations where better/more CA is needed, I'm definitely not a photographer but like to post pics on social media.

I'm actually looking at an Inspire 2 instead....
I just bought my MP with CS 8.75" and bunch of filters from Polar Pro so for now I'm good. I'm still in process of learning how to fly, how to take good pictures and record decent video so not MP2 for me in the near future. But next year I will think about upgrade, or should I say addition, and Phantom line or even Inspire looks very appealing since I'm more interested in pictures and video then just flying a drone. One huge advantage MP or MPP or MP2 have is portability and this is why MP2 will be main contender when selecting my new drone. It will all depends on how far I will advance.
Not yet. I actually just bought my MP back in March of this year. While I love the features the news have I too am limited to using some features of my now Mavic. Maybe if I lived in remote areas that weren't so airport ridden like the Houston/Katy Tx area I might have more fun. Then again I didn't buy my mavic to fly around the house as there is nothing to look at anyways but I knew I would use mainly on my motorcycle travels around the country.
While I still have my Phantom 4 Pro, I did order the Mavic Pro 2. I was able to sell my Mavic Pro yesterday.

The Mavic Pro 2 is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Looking forward to what the Phantom 5 offersas well. My Phantom 4 Pro is still for sale.
Ill stick with the "If it aint broke don't fix it" mentality and stick with my Mavic. It serves my needs just fine so there is really no incentive for me to upgrade at the moment.
My MP flys good enough for what I use it for. I'm not a camera nut so the improved camera,is a moot point to me! The extended flight time (once we really see what it it under normal flying conditions, does interest me). But for the few minutes more flight time,I personally don't think it's worth it, to me! After seeing the "glued on" camera gimbal,I'm a little more unimpressed!
I have a Mavic pro to fly for now. Going to wait for them to get the bugs out of the 2 first then ...maybe.
I say no for now, because I just bought my mavic pro and filters over the last couple of months so its all new to me still. I do love the new camera though, so if the right price comes along at some point, sure. But not now.. And I like to see how the launch kinks work out.
This. I feel so lucky to not have problems outside of my 5d button falling off and vanishing.. The Mp flies like a dream and I can probably fashion something to fix that button which I hardly use anyways... A swizzle stick cut down or something .. No way I'm mailing that MP anywhere. I'd spend $250 on ebay for a new controller before I let ANYONE handle my drone.
I'll wait on upgrading for awhile.. And the inspire has my attention, anyway. Of course, I'd have to research to see if there are any crazy issues with that one, too.
I'm happy now. :)
I have a MP and a MA. Though I'd like a MP2, and was thinking of selling both my MP and MA to buy one. But I'm not a professional photographer, don't get paid for my flying, not a videographer that posts my videos. I just enjoy flying and have fun with the hobby. So I think I'll just stick with my MP & MA for now. I am tempted though.
I'm going to stick with my MP. If I decide to get my Part 107 license then I'll upgrade. Right now I just fly for fun and vacation shots anyway. No need to upgrade for those purposes. If the MA had the occusync system.....
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