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the recent Tornados in the US

old man mavic

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Nov 15, 2018
Llanbradach South Wales UK
it was sad to hear about the loss of life and the widespread destruction ,that the recent Tornados inflicted
and it was equally sad to find out that an ex member (Dirkclod ) of this forum ,was in the path of the storm,
luckily his property survived, but a great amount of damage was done to Amory where he lives ,also his daughters home not far away ,was extensively damaged by the storm
Yes, they have been unusually horrific. I did not hear about the one in Amory, but one on the western side of Mississippi was the most intense I had ever heard of: The path of the tornado was 59 miles/94 km long and up to 3/4 mile /1.2 km wide it hit several small towns as well pretty much completely devastating Rolling Fork. and it hit the towns of Midnight and Silver City as well.

Another report said "Preliminary information based on estimates from storm reports and radar data indicate that the tornado was on the ground for more than an hour and traversed at least 170 miles (274 kilometers), said Lance Perrilloux, a meteorologist with the weather service’s Jackson, Mississippi, office."
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Thanks for sharing
Please send him our sympathy and prayers for what they've gone through ! It's heartbreaking news but we're glad he's okay.
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I am pleased to read he is ok.
I have become curious, why is it that the North American continent seems so prone to tornados?
I mean there are other large land masses in the world but we rarely 'hear' of tornados occurring on them. Is it just that American tornados make the news whereas tornados on other continents don't? Yes I know there have been a few tornados in the Europe but they seem to be few and far between and 'we' don't have a tornado season that I know of.
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