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Thunderdrones Expedited repair. New!!!

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Dec 20, 2016
Duluth, Georgia
As part of our commitment to get you back in the air sooner, we are now offering our free Expedited Repair Option. By choosing this option on the online repair form, you are authorizing us to go ahead with the repair as long as it doesnt exceed a certain dollar amount that you preauthorize, not including return shipping.

We have integrated this option into our online repair request form, so that you dont need to do anything after you ship it to us. We will continue, of course, to contact you after you have submitted a repair request, when we have received your drone, and when your repair is complete with a breakdown of the costs. We have set the lower threshold at $75 and limited it to a maximum of $250, because if a repair costs more than that, we want you to know why and possibly give you other options.

If you choose not to preauthorize a maximum repair amount, your repair will be started based on the date that it was received.

Thank you to all our customers, and the moderators of Mavicpilots.
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