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Thunderdrones service is fantastic!


Jul 10, 2017
South Bay, Northern, California
2 Weeks ago I was getting some fly time in with my Mavic and I happen to suffer my first crash. Based on the errors I was getting from the Dji App (gimbal overload) I did some research and deduced it to a gimbal ribbon replacement. I hit Amazon and ebay and bought one OEM ribbon and one third party (FSLABS) ribbon with the intent of doing it myself. While searching the forums I stumbled upon the stellar reviews of Thunderdrones. I shot him a quick PM and he rough quoted me a price for a replacement. Confident in his abilities I sent it off and it was at his door within days. Then a quick 2-3 day turn around time and it was headed back to me. His quote stayed the same and he kept me in the loop of what was happening. Not only did he replace the ribbon but he also calibrated the gimbal and also did a once over on the drone to make sure everything else was fine. On top of all that, it came back better packaged then how I had sent it.

If you need service or repair done to you drone and lack a lot of experience tinkering I would highly recommend going to Thunderdrones. He has gone above and beyond my expectation and also saved me a few hundred dollars with his affordable pricing!
Your service to the community is truly commendable! Even though I really hope to never use your service, it is comforting as a new pilot that it's on offer [emoji1431]
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Why don't we get service like this in the UK?

It rains to often to do all the test flights, imagine getting an update message; drone repaired but there will be a 2 week delay due to weather.

If I had the money to buy lots of drones I would consider it, but I don't and you need a large inventory because parts are hard to come by and alot of fakes if you get separate parts from the likes of eBay and Amazon

@Thunderdrones how many mavics do you currently have? Any pictures of your work area as a show and tell?
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