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Time to step up... find the missing hikers (Pacific Crest Trail, California)


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Oct 22, 2016
Dunfermline, Scotland
Had a lady state side of the pond who has reached out to me asking for help. Her message is below and I recommended a Mavic Pro using Ground Station Pro to generate images which they could analyse but I realise that time is of the essence. She is on Twitter with handle @LensTripping Can we have a drone positive story here? If you would like to offer help I’m sure she would appreciate it.

“Thank you for following me. I really appreciate it. [emoji4]

I was given your twitter handle by a follower of yours and a fellow photographer. I hope you don't mind me messaging you to ask for some drone related help.

I live in the USA, and I am part of a group of volunteers that have been working to locate 2 hikers that went missing on the Pacific Crest Trail in California.

I'm looking for some advice/suggestions (or possibly a reference I could contact) on what kind of camera/drone set up can be used for searching for people or gear in open wilderness. It would need to be able to produce hi-res images/videos that could be cropped, zoomed, and/or manipulated for searchers to comb through for clues.

Any suggestions or help you could provide would be very much appreciated.”

Hope everything works out and someone is able to help...
I hiked the PCT in '93 from the Mexican border in Cali through the Mojave desert and the Sierra a thru Oregon and Washington 15 miles into Canada. it can be a treacherous ordeal into areas that someone with a drone couldn't even dream of getting to with a measly 4 mile limit..
If these are day hikers that just hiked from a car somewhere then maybe but unless you're willing to go into the field and sleep out then. .. Whatever...

I have all topographical maps available for download of the the entire PCT and Continental Devide and Appalachain Trail, as well.

Please DM me if you need suggestions .
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Here are some pics of pics.. Lol

I'm a Tripple Crown Thru-hiker. GA to ME in 92 on the AT, Mex to Can in 93 the next year and the CDT, Mex to Can in 95..


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