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Join Us Now - I reckon this isn't legit

It's a scam. Keep your money in your pocket where it's safe.
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Hi Guys,

Has anyone come across this ad anywhere? ... &products_id=20

They are selling "Mavic" drones for almost 90% off! I reckon these are those scams that will ship you immitated drones.

Yeah, they sound professional:

"We are a professional online dealer .Please make sure you are at home when the packages will be arrived. Please see the material object for detailed information. And all the packages will be mailed inside another box!"

Maybe it will look like this one?
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Save your money. Don't use them. But if you feel compelled to try and buy at such a low price, then please send me half of what you are considering sending them.. I won't be sending you anything back, bit at least you will loose less money by sending to me! :)
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