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Tracking lost dog


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Jun 18, 2018
Both my dogs got out of the yard recently and I’ve been thinking about getting a drone to track them if need be. Any suggestions on gear would be great?
Unless your dogs are very big and the surrounding area is very short grass, it would be difficult to find or track dogs with a drone.
Dogs (even people) are hard to see from the sky. You'd have to be flying pretty low to ensure you don't miss them. Attaching a tracker to your dogs would probably be a better idea.
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Not the reply you probably want, but I'd be looking at the problem rather than the cure.
For starters, I'd try and find out where they got out, then secure the yard.

As others have said, tracking dogs with a drone is difficult (tried it recently on holiday to try get some pics). First you would have to find which direction they went, then scan around for what would be minute images of them from above.

Chances are, you or someone would have already found them on foot by the time you would by drone.

Or, they'll come wandering back on their own as if nothing has happened when it's dinner time:D
u can just keep the dog in a cage and never let it out. u have to be carful becas dogs r fast these days
Marco Polo device for the dogs?
I have A Marco Polo device for My MP, have not used it yet. But just in case I am ready.
It has no fees after you buy it. Its good for Two miles. Self contained signal.
Hand held base station, and a small receiver that attaches to my MP. Should work with your dogs as well. Now looking for tracking devices for my two Grand daughters, some times they wander away from me when in public places. No matter how many times
I have cautioned them about talking to strangers ETC.
There is an excellent product for tracking a lost dog. I bought one a few years ago and highly recommend it. I’ve used it on all my RC birds and still do by mounting it on my Mavic using the dog collar mount, although today’s drones are normally easily located. Back when I bought it, it was sold by a company called Tagg. Now they are called Whistle. There is an annual fee but worth it to me for peace of mind, especially since I’ve lost $ in fly-aways back before products like the Mavic became more reliable.
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