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Trilogy (2/3): DJI MP & FIMI A3. Where is the GPS? What's happening???


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Dec 14, 2018
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Part 1
Trilogy: New adventures of drones. Under the bridge
Trilogy: New adventures of drones. Under the bridge

Dear friends!

I present to you the series "New Adventures of Drones" in three parts.
All three parts are shot in a new location. A distinctive feature of the location is the automobile bridge.
Under the bridge is a railway for freight trains. It carries out the delivery of goods to industrial enterprises.

Part two.

In which strange events begin to occur.
Fimi A3 loses GPS satellite signals, goes into ATTI mode. The drone could not be kept in place, it was planted only by a miracle.
This is my first experience managing two quadrocopters at the same time. It turned out to be quite complicated.
Video editing also added complexity to me. A lot of fragments of the original video had to be removed. Fimi A3 flights were very nervous))).
This was reflected in the operation of the head-mounted camera. I apologize for twitching the video.

In the final part, new experiments are waiting for you, as well as an analysis of the strange behavior of the FIMI A3 and Mavic Pro

Thanks for watching!
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