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two maybe elementary questions about Litchi...

Ronny St.

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Apr 21, 2020
Broechem, Belgium
I am a user of Litchi for quite some time and I really love it! Especially the way you can follow your flypath is very useful, and much better than the attitude indicator of the DJI FlyApp.
But I have two questions about Litchi:
1. the last weeks, when I couple my Mini 2 to Litchi I get the message 'Session expired. Please log out and in again'. Ignoring this, I can fly without any problem, but to get rid of that message, I searched in the app how to log out and log in again, but I cannot find it anywhere. Should I just continue to ignore that message or should I do something to avoid it?
2. The spoken messages (e.g. 'Battery low' etc.) are very quite and I can hardly hear them if their is some background noise. I have the volume on my smartphone wide open and with the DJI FlyApp it is much louder. How can I make the volume higher in Litchi?
Thanks for reacting!
Kind regards from Belgium,
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Regarding your first question; open the Litcji app, go to the top left corner where the Litchi icon is, tap on it, a menu pops up with a Log In/Log Out option there.
I have always controlled the volume of the app on my device volume control, an iPad V 5. I would try pulling up the app and try adjusting the volume whilst the app is open.
Good flying
Upper left corner of Litchi app tap on FPV then your name to log out. I control volume on my tablet.
Thanks for the replies! I will try to fly one of the following days, since now there are strong winds predicted for some days.
Never thought to find the logout/in under FPV ;)
Regarding the volume: I have the volume on my smartphone set to maximum but it keeps being a lot quieter than when using the DJI FlyApp...

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