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UK Drone Regs - UAV under 250 grams


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May 13, 2018
So I was going to post this in the Tello Forum, but it seems a bit thin on content and discussion (with all due respect)
So I have kept up to date with the CAA website and laws, the stuff that came out 30th July, and what to expect in November 2019... but here is what I would like to get clarity on... if I get a Tello (which is under 250g) are they exempt from:

- The new 1km UK Airport perimeter limit
- the 50m/150m near people and congested places & 1000 people regs etc.
- 400ft high (although I'm sure I don't want to go above that anyway, nor could a 250g drone on wifi do that!)

I know they won't need to be registered next year.. but the CAA website looks like it says 'everything under 7kg' with a camera is in scope of current regs...

Essentially I want to know if it's worth getting a Tello to allow me to fly near my house and in my garden which is inside 1km from Heathrow... or if I'll have the identical restriction to my Mavic Pro

Anyone certain of the facts?
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Sadly the CAA guidance is woefully vague in all respects. I find it very frustrating when we are held accountable to the rules and want to be compliant but so much is left open to interpretation.

I watch and subscribe to Dylan’s (ikopta) YouTube channel and even he (who is a commercial drone pilot) seems frustrated and left guessing by the new laws.

Sorry that I have no answer for you

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