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Unable to connect DJI assistant2 on remote controller


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Apr 12, 2017
In order to update the firmware of my Mavic Pro drone and its Remote Controller, I have downloaded the last issue of the DJI assistant (DJI Assistant 2 1.2.4) and I have updated the drone without any problem.
I am now trying to update the RC firmware but after launching the DJI assitant 2 and connected the RC to my PC, the assistant remains on its first screen as below and the screen displaying the firmware available for the update never appears. I have checked that I was correctly connected to my user account.
Please help me.

By chance, did you turn on the RC?
The problem is even worst than yesterday in this respect that I had recharged the RC and now when I push the ON/OF button the screen displays "BAT 100 PCT" and nothing else even when pushing this button for 1 minute.
Is there a method to reset the RC?
I have now succeeded to restart the RC after I have reset it (by pushing simultneously the C1+C2+Record buttons). The RC screen says "Connecting". I connect the RC to an USB port of my PC and launch the DJI Assistant 2 software. DJI Assistant2 displays the same screen than abov and nothing else.
I thought you connect it while powered off, and turn on while connected. Though it has always been a pain for me, taking multiple attempts.
Yes, that is the correct way. I'm sorry you are having such a tough time. I'm sure it's frustrating.

I was hoping someone else would jump in to assist you with more experience than I can offer you. Did you try posting this on the DJI Forum under the Mavic heading? You may get a better responce to you question there.
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