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Unlocking GEO zones puzzle.

“You'll need to contact DJI directly to gets such an authorization, with appropriate justification”

How or where do we Contact DJI Directly?
I just tried to unlock the Blue Authorization zone around Midway Airports -class C- through the Fly safe site. It only would do it for 2 days.
How do you apply for a year?
As I stated above, you must do it directly with DJI, not the website. At least now you know exactly what it looks like, though. Isn't how it looks, though, exactly as I described above, or did I leave something out? Send DJI an email to [email protected] to request authorization for a longer term period, with proper credentials.

"all it does is convert the solid Blue Authorization Zone into a blue line only, around perimeter the Blue Authorization Zone, so you still know where it is, while the interior is now clear."
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