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video flashes when recording


Jun 7, 2018
Hi all.
Right… when first had my mavic air a few weeks back all seemed well… using on my galaxy s7 edge .
Well all of a sudden when I record footage… the screen flashes now and then… soon as I stop recording then its fine .
I found that if I turn off cache to phone then no issue .
I have also tried caching to phone sd card as phone memory is very low.. Have plenty room on sd card .

Now if I use my tablet… it works fine… caching to tablet memory .

Anyone else had this issue

The Footage on sd card on drone has no flashing… only on cached to phone footage… seems weird

Any help most appreciated
Is there a particular reason why you want to record the live stream to your phone? I ask, because the full size records on the mavic, but the phone gets lower quality from the stream, 1080 at best.

I leave my caching off and only record on the Mavic. I am also using the S7 Edge. I use DU Recorder to record my screen while flying so I can see all the data as it appears on my device.

Also, the latest go4 app version is horrible, so I rolled back to ".16" and it works flawlessly.
I only want to cache to phone ...just incase goes down and need to find it… have video on phone then .
Wonder if its the software update that has caused issue… but only on the Galaxy s7 .
DU recorder ? Whats that if don't mind me asking

A recording app in the play store. It records the screen as you see it on your device. I like it better than using the cache option because it records the extra stuff on the screen as well. There are several apps that people use, DU is just one option.

I am running the latest software on mine, Oreo. It just updated this week. The only issue I had was with the latest Go4 app update. Once I rolled back one update, it works again flawlessly.
I will have a look at that software then .
So is the latest go4 version named oreo ? Or you on about android version ?

How can you roll back the go4 app ?

Many thanks for your help.
I have done as someone else said ...turned off caching to phone and use a screen recording app DU Recorder or Mobizen.

Maybe it will get fixed with next software update.
my flying today was unbearable!

all pixelated, super delayed video so i got nervous when it was slightly out of sight. so now I'm downgrading GO to 4.2.16 and ill see if that fixes it for me.
just did a short half battery flight, OMG so much different!

like night and day. no more pixels video, even helped my range out a bunch too (in a residential area so lots of possible interference, "new" version handled like a champ!
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Hi, I also facing the same issue(also using S7 edge). but when I checked again, the flickering and skipping frame issue is only for the cache video that being saved on phone.
The original raw video on internal/microsd is fine. When I bought Mavic Air in April, there was no such issue. Only started to happen after updates.
Anyway I am aware that the cache quality is not as good as the raw 4k video. but very usefull when I want to do quick upload to facebook right
after taking the video. Plus, if you took a video by using the QUICK SHOOT, the video will be edited automatically with very nice fastforward++slow combo.
Here is the example of the flickering and skipped frames on cached video.
QUICK SHOOT BOAMERANG with flickering and skipped frames
Encip Ifan

another one on QUICK SHOOT DRONIE with flickering cache video
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Hello, just would like to share the issue now gone!

what I did was :
1.Disabled cache video & cache sound.
2.Recorded a few video by using quick shoot.
3.Deleted all video in the internal memory.
4.Enabled cache video again.
5.Took a few quick shoot again and worked great without flashing/flickering.

I "fixed" the issue accidentally when playing around with the video/audio cache setting, so not sure what actually the root cause.
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