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Way to solve the 12 volt charger issue


Jan 29, 2017
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Was able to get it working. Drew too much power for the goal zero battery to charge more than a minute, but has allowed me to charge in my car though. XD
I have a 3 way 12v slitter so I can run a FM transmitter and Dash cam, but that lowers the voltage too much to use the Mavic charger, but now it works! I will update if I have issues.
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May 18, 2017
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Little detail, 400-600 amps refers to how much it can deliver at once to cold crank it. No indication of the capacity. I personally have 665 CCA battery.
Cyberpower678, I personally find that "You" and "Dragonfly" are both correct with this on going conversation -- "You" are correct Not only is there a electronic - "Voltage cutoff circuit" within the car charging Plug ( when you explained it to "Justin VV" he was thinking it was a single pole double throw manual flip switch) Dragonfly added the complete (Unit / Brick) circuitry further explaining the chargers operation perfectly and yes dragonfly you can charge 3 Mavic AC batteries with the DJI car charger ONLY if you use a Buck Converter which will evidently
put a large drain on the car battery without the car engine idling which in turn if the car's battery is at boarder line peak voltage and amp's
like most are after being in the car and used regularly you may just find yourself taking a long walk home / "Cyberpower678" you are also
correct about the 400-600amps referring to the Cold Cranking Amp's (That can be delivered at once) not being an indication of the batteries capacity is true and by charging the 3 Mavic AC batteries with the remote controller, will cause the car battery to reduce it's Peak Voltage
dramatically affecting the CCA's to a point it will not start your car -- Anyone can prove this, just hook a load to your car battery let the voltage drain down to say 11.5 volts then try to start your car,
From all that I read on this DJI car charger subject there are some people that can charge 1 Mavic AC battery with the Remote Controller some only 1 AC battery and then they run there car to recharge it's battery, There are hundreds that say l the Charger LED comes on green and battery 25% LED is blinking as if it is charging but it never goes above the original 25% it started with.
I'm sorry to say there's no way around this it is DJI's car charger system that was designed to protect the car's battery
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Feb 23, 2017
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Mine must be broken, and on mine they must have moved this smarts to the battery. When I checked the charger never cut out and it would pass through the same voltage that was inputted (I went down to 8 volts) up to 13.6 volts where it would start to regulate. This is a cheap/easy way of doing a car charger.

DJI dont give a rats about you car battery and if you flatten it or not.

If yours is working differently can you video what its doing and post, I really want to see the charger cutting out below 13.6 volts. Put a meter on the charger output and video. thanks

And there is a way around it, I just put a proper DC-DC charger in line. Works a treat. Been using it for a week or so now. I might even cut the crappy DJI brick out and just replace it with mine.

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