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What information should I have ready when calling ATC tower?


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Sep 13, 2018
I'm checking with you guys...
I'm going to be calling the ATC at a new airport I haven't flown at before and I know there's been some changes recently. What info should I have prepared for them when I call?
The two times I've called, they've requested:
Time frame
Max altitude
Contact number
Make/Model of your drone

For more info, YouTube has several videos on the subject.
Last time I called ATC near my location, they didn't know jack what I'm talking about.
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Last time I call ATC near my location, they didn't know jack what I'm talking about.
Same reaction I had when I called one once just to see recently. Busy regional airport in a metro area. They had no idea what I was talking about and seemed annoyed that I was bothering them. Just goes to show how serious the FAA takes this.
What JSKCKNIT said. I usually give them a distance and bearing from the airport, also
Up til now, they didn't have complete authority and according to FAA fact sheet someone posted that were sent to ATC's, they were supposed to say it was voluntary (might have been only when asked).
However not cooperating could be grounds for considering to be unsafe flying if an issue arose.
Now however, we're not sure yet until FAA establishes new procedures to fit the new law.
I'd say consider it now required to comply with ATC.