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What's the best fps for 2.7k filming?

Ha, oh sorry! Hopefully not a complete waste.

Apparently 24 fps is ‘smoother’ but if your uploading to social media use 30 fps as that’s how it’s displayed on things like instagram.
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The problem with recording at 24 fps is that you don't have room for slow-motion in case you need it. I prefer recording in high FPS and then converting in post-processing to 24fps or 30fps.
I'm wondering which fps are best to shoot in and why?
'The best' is different for different people.

24fps is the most economical regarding file size, but it can appear jerky from time to time. Faster fps are smoother and allow for slow-mo shots. But faster fps of 60fps will eat up storage quickly.

If you have a large card 60fps will give you sharp video with little to no motion blur.

If you're filming at a higher altitude, speed and motion blur are less of an issue, and 30fps should be fast enough.
if your shooting something with high movement i recommend using 60 to 120 depending on your SD card storage and also if u want the go pro to do the stabilisation or your going to post process it by yourself
basically if your not going to edit the video after other than maybe slowmotion i recommend 60fps and shutter speed of 1/120 for walking and talking and 1/240 for action such as motovlogging (shutter speed = x2 FPS for walking and x4 for high speed movement)
also make sure u put sharpness on medium on 60fps and below and on low on above 60fps
why ?
sharpness only make the stuff more linear which in high speed movement is not helpful as much as low speed movement
hope u understand what i tried to explain to you
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