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Whats the Correct Start up Procedure - Mavic Pro, Controller, and DJI racing Goggles, and more


Sep 13, 2017
PROBLEM: Cant find the correct start up order for Mavic Pro / Controller / and DJI Racing Goggles (Grey Goggles) ....and Have to manually link goggles to controller (using Link button on Mavic Pro in RC Mode - Every single time I want to fly. Max Flight Distance always defaults back to some crazy short distance and not my original 7000 k meters.

Hi Mavic Pilot friends. (I hope I'm in the right room/forum,sorry if I'm in the wrong place, I dont post that much) Could you guys possibly help me out with some start up problems and aircraft settings when using the DJI Racing Goggles/Mavic Pro and Controller?
I've tried every order of turning things on so that everything is connected and communicating with one another and still cant get it right. My last attempt about 1/2 hour ago was to turn on the Mavic Pro, then the Controller and lastly the DJI (GRAY) Racing goggles. I waited until the controller connected properly to the aircraft before turning on the DJI Racing Goggles. Then lastly I turned on the goggles and could not get them to link up. I initially went in to the menu and manually linked up the controller to the goggles a few days ago by pressing the link button (in RC Mode) on the Mavic Pro, as per owners manual instructions. Wonderful, I got linked and the camera view came up and my C1 / C2,other buttons working fine on my controller. Do you have to manually go in and link up controller to goggles every time you start a new flight? The Aircraft few great except for a "Max Distance" warning popped up on the goggles screen. It over-rides my initial settings of 7000 k that I had previously set up using the DJI Go4 app on my Samsung Android smart phone along with all the other settings, RTH, max height, camera settings, battery warning settings, etc....just like you would if you were using your phones DJI Go4 app with the controller and no goggles. And finally am I missing something here ? Cant you access the full controller settings thru uthe goggles ? Maybe I havent found it yet , but so far I havent and any time I want to change some settings around, calibrate, etc, I have to go into my smart phones DJI Go 4 app and do so in there ? Any insight would greatly be appreciated...thx again, Tommy
I have goggles and can turn them in and off any time when the pro is on and have no linking trouble . Something is strange
well, that's great. somethings definitely not right then. Anyone have an idea ?
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