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That's true of course, but if it's only gusting past those limits, it's very good at getting back to intended position as soon as it can, which means it can survive flights if it's only the gusts surpassing the maximums.
You cannot write off gust strength as only gusts.
The gusts are the max speed that the wind is blowing.
Whether gusts may be a serious issue will depend on how much (or little) of the time the wind is blowing at gust strength.
While the wind is blowing at strong gust strength, your drone will be in trouble.

Gauging wind speed is quite difficult,
It takes a lot of experience to be able to reliable estimate wind speed and most people will over-estimate it most of the time.
One of the sites I fly from has a wind gauge display which is very handy when I fly there.
It shows the wind recorded from an anemometer about 100 ft up.
Here's what it was showing today:

That's 26.5 to 48 mph and it was about double the forecast strength.
It was quite unpleasant just standing out in the open in those conditions.
The gap between average wind and max gusts was larger today than I usually see there.

The wind strength is only part of the issue.
The direction of the wind relative to the direction of flight is very important.
You don't want to try coming home from directly downwind in 42 knots, even if your drone can push against a wind like that.
Pushing against that kind of wind will burn the battery at an alarming rate.

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