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Winter Storm at Willapa Bay


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Aug 31, 2018
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The winter gales bring to the quiescent marshes and tidal plains fierce blizzards to lay a downy blanket on the forests, docks, and seaside meadows. The snow muffles the roar of ocean waves which are muted to a distant hum over which the murmur of birds is heard as they shelter from the freezing winds and pounding serf. Snow is an infrequent visitor to Willapa Bay, but when the fingers of old man winter come creeping down the coast, the result is sublime indeed.

Conditions were hardly ideal for flying - the first day I flew up during the start of the storm to capture the blowing snow. I only stayed aloft long enough to get a few shots before returning. Interestingly, the drone was completely dry, and I suppose that the action of the rotor blade kept the snow away from the drone. The next morning was also tricky despite the lack of precipitation - it was much colder, and a strong wind kicked up and made it midly terrifying to fly!

The night time scenes were filmed with my phone, and I'm happy with the footage condisering that and the fact they were filmed by hand without any extra stabilization.
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