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With all the talk of the new Mini 4 Pro, one thing I have not heard

4 inch pistons

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Oct 30, 2022
eastern NC
I have the Mavic 3 Classic, Avata and FPV with Intraga goggles and motion controller 2. All 3 will work with the goggles for FPV. The Mini 3 Pro will work with the goggles and MC2 but I have not heard nothing but crickets on whether or not the Mini 4 will do the same. It would be strange for a newer model to go backwards.
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@4 inch pistons ,the Mini 4 will be using the same 04 transmission ,as the recently introduced Air 3 ,so i dont think that at this time, what you mention will be possible
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When the Air 3 was released it was not compatible with the Goggles 2 but Dji has since released a FW update for the Air 3 to allow compatibility. Seeing as we now have the Goggles 2 compatible with an aircraft that uses O4 I believe it's just a matter of time until the Mini 4 Pro also receives the same update.
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I am used flying with goggles and tired of waiting for DJI to release either an updated SDK for Litchi or support for their own goggles. So I did a different approach for Mini 4 and ordered it with the RC2 radio. This radio supports display port over USB. In the first approach I connected an USB-to-HDMI converter to the radio and my old white DJI goggles to the converter. This worked already quite well, although the image got a bit stretched horizontally and had stromg pixel binning effects,
Then I got attention to the Rokid Max AR Headset RM201 and ordered it. And wow, that works great! Cheaper than the DJI solution, a screen with FOV of more than 40°, maybe similar to the Integra goggles (have not seen yet by own eyes), no problem even in brigth sunlight if using the included shielding, diopter adjustment and even less bulky. And you can operate all menus and settings from the RC2 as used to.
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