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Work-around for Mini 3 pro lack of tripod mode to move drone slowly

Why do you wish to turn off R.I.D. ?
Remote ID provides information about drones in flight, such as the identity, location, and altitude of the drone and its control station or take-off location. Authorized individuals from public safety organizations may request identity of the drone's owner from the FAA.
It does not effect flight or performance in any way It only effects how one can Skirt the regs I am not saying that is what you are intending, I'm just saying why care about it?
Ah, thanks. So that's R.I.D.! I apparently triggered that while flying my drone in the Austrian alps, near Mayrhofen earlier this year. At one spot as the drone (Mini 3 Pro, my first) rose up my RC displayed a warning that I was breaching local height regulations which in that area were as low as 30m! But what caused most anxiety was that it was followed immediately by a page displaying all my registration details. Put the s***s right up me and made me wonder if I was going to get a visit from officialdom (didn't). Up another mountain the RC notified me the limit was 80m. A mountain rescue helicopter just coming low over a ridge made it clear why it was important to stick to the local restrictions . The footage was still pretty good anyhow.
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