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Wow... does DJI really ship that fast?


Aug 8, 2018
I ordered my Mavic 2 Pro on Amazon last night. It was sold by the official DJI store, not Amazon themselves.

I get an email this morning from FedEx saying I have a package coming tomorrow via FedEx Express from Simi Valley, California that requires a signature.

The funny thing is, when I look at my Amazon order history, it doesn't show the Mavic 2 Pro as being shipped, it just says "Arriving Sep 12 - Sep 17".

So while I suppose there is a chance this isn't my Mavic, I haven't ordered anything else at all, so I can only assume it must be my Mavic.

I guess we'll find out tomorrow, but if that is indeed the case, I'm pretty blown away they would ship it that fast, and overnight delivery at that!
I would not get excited about it until you see a tracking number.
That's the thing, I have the tracking number... though it's not via Amazon, which is sort of odd. It came to me via text message. It is a legit text though and from the FedEx site, not some phishing scam or anything.
That's the thing, I have the tracking number...
Great! In that case I would get on the FedEx site and request status updates. Then you would know when it is on the truck to be delivered. Useful information if a signature is required for delivery.
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Yep, I did that already.

I just find it weird. If it is indeed from DJI, you'd think they would have updated the shipment status on Amazon first.

I guess we'll find out tomorrow!
I guess when you're paying this much money for something, overnight shipping isn't that big of a deal to throw in.
I ordered right after launch, and it came MUCH faster than originally estimated, and mine came from China.

I know for a fact they have at least one BNIB in California now as well. It sure would be nice if they had regular stock stateside as well. Our local DJI authorized shop in CO got a good shipment earlier in the week.
I can say for certain that everyone on Amazon selling them (including Amazon themselves) is saying guaranteed delivery by September 12th or 13th, so I have to imagine they are either already in the U.S., or really close.
Must be in stock at a local distributor.

I ordered a Mavic 2 battery last week from Newegg and had it in three days from a local distributor.

Inventory is moving and changing fast.
I imagine there is a massive demand for everything Mavic 2, so I can't imagine that DJI announced them without knowing they either had a crap ton of them in-stock, or knowing that a huge shipment was in transit to the U.S.

In other words, DJI didn't pull an Apple.
I am very happy for you and I am sure you will have a lot of fun learning it and all the new features. And I’m right with you. I ordered my M2Z, and FMK about half way through the event on 8/23 and just got the package in yesterday, 9/4/18 in west central Florida. Turns out DJI completely fouled up my order and did not even start picking the order to ship until 8/28, after I called them and asked why my order had not been shipped.

I hate to be that one negative guy on and am aware the most orders were flawless. I will make an individual post of my own with pics of email replies from DJI Support, as well as the picking list that they were so nice to leave in the box. Gives me proof they didn’t even start getting my order ready to ship until I called them 5 days after they had my money. Ok, Rant Mode Disengage.
I thought I got mine quick. Ordered 4PM on a thursday and it arrived 10:30am on tuesday. Shipped from China. Can't beat that really.
So I ordered on release day and it shipped the next Monday. Got here last Friday after some BS tracking updates. (HK to TN to AK to HK to TN to Delivered).

They did ok, wasn't the fastest but w/e international shipping. I learned my lesson from previous launches, never preorder from an official vendor. Order from DJI directly.
Ordered mine on Wednesday around 19:00 , Thursday 11:00 status "shipped" but i didn't see tracking number .

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