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David Cook

Oct 16, 2016
Well first flight and 2nd were not great, just hovering in my front yard 7 feet or so away and the controller disconnects then will reconnect, then disconnect a couple seconds later and keep repeating. Each time the Mav does just sit perfectly still and hover, then if it does not connect in time it does go back to home point. So it has not been too bad lol.

I did update FW on the <av and controller using my old previous Assistant 2..
So I just uninstalled that and actually went to the Mavic Zoom online then to downloads and downloaded Assistant 2 for Mavic lol. so I am now reflashing all FW and will see if this fixes it.
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what phone/operating system are you using to communicate with the drone?

I'm using a Google Pixel 2 XL with Android 9 latest rev, legit install not rooted etc.

So I just did a full flight in my yard lol with only the mavic remote after re-installing FW using the latest Assistant 2 for Mavic tool. I kept it within 100 feet and flew it around changing from tripod to P to Sport modes, it worked good, no phone in the controller, landed at the low battery alarm which sounded at 25% zero disconnecting. I'll try it with the phone tomorrow as well as with an older android phone on version 7 or 8 and report back. Too nervous to send it out yet.

for data : my Mavic Air flys just fine in my area around the house etc. up to 1.5 miles away so far with the same Pixel XL and Android 9
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i own a pixel 2 with the same software. i will continue to use my iphone x as my main phone when flying my drone. thanks for sharing your feedback!
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