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Recent content by attman53

  1. attman53

    Anyone see anything wrong with this photo of my Mini?

    surely the propellers are mounted incorrectly. the marked propellers must be mounted in the marked arms
  2. attman53

    Better to store with charged or discharged batteries?

    Sorry, I have a question to ask those who have more experience than I do; if you don't plan on flying for a few weeks, is it better to store your MM and RC with your batteries charged or discharged? If the drone has not been used for 3 or 4 weeks after storing it with charged batteries, is it...
  3. attman53

    Wrap your MM?

    I personalized it with this dress!
  4. attman53

    Tablet for Mavic Mini

    Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2019) WiFi 32GB 2GB RAM SM-T290 bought on Amazon 140 euros, to be able to use it with dji fly. It works fine, it's not too big but not small, 8-inch screen. perfect for me and I recommend it!
  5. attman53

    Mavic mini motor covers

    I mounted simple aluminum ones, and so far no problem. I have seen several tests on You Tube, and none demonstrate overheating. We'll see !
  6. attman53

    Using a tablet

    After so much pain in trying to install DJI FLY on Samsung tablets, I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2019) WiFi 32GB 2GB RAM SM-T290 and finally I managed to install the app and everything works well.Watch my posts.
  7. attman53

    DJI FLY e tablet

    bought tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2019) T290. everything OK, DJI FLY works fine! Thanks to everyone who helped me
  8. attman53

    DJI FLY e tablet

    Thank you for the confirmation.
  9. attman53

    Samsung tablet

    have you got to try the tablet with the dji fly? because in my older tablet the DJI go 4 works well, instead with dji fly it doesn't work!
  10. attman53

    Samsung tablet

    Buongiorno a tutti. Scusa la mia domanda, prima di acquistare il tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 "(SM-T290), sei sicuro che funzioni bene con DJI FLY? Grazie per l'aiuto non vorrei spendere soldi inutilmente
  11. attman53

    DJI FLY e tablet

    Buongiorno a tutti. Sono appena arrivato nel forum. Volevo sapere se qualcuno è riuscito a scaricare DJI FLY sul tablet SM-T290 Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2019) e se l'app funziona bene su questo dispositivo Grazie e buon volo a tutti