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    State Farm personal article insurance

    I have mine covered by SF...all my insurance including an umbrella policy, I think my umbrella may have brought the price down, I only pay$30/year no deductible
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    Sd Full card reading

    Thanks for this thread, I had a 32GB that wasn't being recognized in the Mav, I just reformatted in my DSLR and then the Mav recognized it and I was able to reformat again.
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    State Farm Mavic Insurance

    I'm 757 at York Point, where are you at, appromiately? I'd love to have a flying buddy around.
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    Mavic Pro Tablet

    I'm happy with my iPad mini 4. It's primarily used for drone, but I use it on the side quite a bit since ,y phone is acting up.
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    Useful site to see DROTAMS and NOTAMS

    I find the following site to be useful to understand the airspace and notices to airmen and drone pilots. Anyone else use this site or have other recommendations? SkyVector: Flight Planning / Aeronautical Charts
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    First real video

    Sounds good, I'll definitely keep you mind for accessorizing [emoji6]
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    First real video

    Thanks, this was taken over the Poquoson River, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia. My friends were testing out their new raft and most of my family went to dinner by boat, which was the boat that was coming back in. I was thinking today, we get dolphins in the river quite often, I'm totally going to...
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    First real video

    I took the training wheels off yesterday and took some video of some of our weekend fun.
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    New pilot, quick question

    That is what I mean. I am surprised that iPad mini4 doesn't include GPS... it seems like every time there might be a great solution, some corner is cut. Whatever though, I'm happy. May take a sunset flight tonight everything including the new iPad is charged up, iPad tested in house with Mav...
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    New pilot, quick question

    To start the regular mount, but I'm already looking at other mounts. I guess for cell coverage I'll tether to my phone, or doesn't it really matter?
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    New pilot, quick question

    My iPhone has a shoddy lightning connector, so I have a iPad mini 4 coming today. I've had to use the wife's phone up until now... I hear UPS [emoji106][emoji41]
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    New pilot, quick question

    Thanks all, that makes sense I suppose. I live very close to water, so I'm taking baby steps getting comfortable with this thing, mainly just because I've heard a few stories on here about them dropping out of the sky.
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    New pilot, quick question

    Greeting wonderful forum! I received my MP Saturday and have flown every day a few times. I've watched tons of great instructional videos and love watching the vids you all post here! My main question is with regards to controlling the gimbal, on default settings, it seems I can control...
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    Lost My drone flying over water

    I'm going to have to call SF and see what I need to make sure I'm covered. All of my policies are with them.
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    Free two-hour Mavic Pro video course

    Nice set of videos. As a newbie some of these helped answer some questions I've had.