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  1. Cessna pilot

    One of the best drone pilots

    Now I believe
  2. Cessna pilot

    DJI Mavic pilots - Australia

    Welcome to the world of CASA, they have fked up GA flying in Australia, now it’s the general public’s turn.. safe sky’s are empty sky’s as far as CASA is concerned
  3. Cessna pilot

    DJI Mavic pilots - Australia

    Hi guys, I’m from toowoomba Queensland, I purchased my mavic through Harvey Norman, no wait time, straight off the shelf, I’ve had one minor crash in the 12 months of owning it, pilot error when I got too cocky, but repaired for $100 under Flexi care insurance. There some great flying locations...
  4. Cessna pilot

    RTH best setting?

    Drone only knows the height above the elevation it took off from, unless you have two altimeters you really can’t detect any errors. Even aircraft can have errors when passing within 500 ft of separation ie: ifr and vfr aircraft. They only need to be one hp out on their qnh and that’s equivalent...
  5. Cessna pilot

    RTH best setting?

    There would be 100 ft separation.. btw, were talking agl, not amsl
  6. Cessna pilot

    RTH best setting?

    Hardly worth a reply
  7. Cessna pilot

    RTH best setting?

    I generally rth at 400 ft agl, if I’ve lost video feed I like to know I’m definitely not going to be hitting anything.
  8. Cessna pilot

    Has anybody ever flown in a national park?

    I think the main reason for the ban is the fire risk due to the battery’s if your bird goes down.
  9. Cessna pilot

    had my first confrontation today....

    I had a similar thing happen to me, I suspect he was parinoid about me seeing his hooch crop or something. A couple weeks before he had a car full of uniforms waiting for him to return home, so I guess he is already on the radar. I should of reported his behaviour, he lost interest quick when I...
  10. Cessna pilot

    How do you guys protect your gimbal while flying?

    In real aviation in regards to wheels up landing, we say " there are those who have, and those that will" aviation is very unforgiving. Basically if you haven't crashed your not trying hard enough, get into it and don't be such a baby lol
  11. Cessna pilot

    lost my Mavic today. How do I find it?

    Take a 6 pack of coldies to smooth things over lol