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Recent content by cheezstake

  1. cheezstake

    Abandoned Abercrombie mansion

    Little video of a now abandoned mansion once owned by David Abercrombie. Anyone else turn obstacle avoidance completely off to get those close up shots. Definitely nerve racking being next to so many trees, had a couple close calls here but luckily didn't hit anything.
  2. cheezstake

    Norwich State Hospital - in between Foxwoods and Mohegan sun

    Demolition of this complex has already started, but apparently the admin building is being saved. You might have driven by this place if you have visited foxwoods casino.
  3. cheezstake

    Harlem Valley Psychiatric Center

    What an absolutely massive abandoned compound this place was, and in very good shape, at least from the outside.
  4. cheezstake

    CrystalSky (7.85" High Brightness)

    Looking to sell my lightly used crystalsky monitor. This has worked flawlessly the 7-8 times I used it, and I would highly recommend it, I will never go back to cell phone use after using a crystalsky, no app crashes or overheating phones. Only reason I am selling is because I am selling my...
  5. cheezstake

    Abandoned New Jersey hospital getting a makeover

    Abandoned Essex County Isolation Hospital is undergoing some major construction.
  6. cheezstake

    Old school horror movie fans might like this one

    As seen in the 1971 film lets scare Jessica to death. Was trying to go for a movie preview vibe
  7. cheezstake

    Ship Graveyard, drone photo bomb

    thanks guys!!
  8. cheezstake

    Ship Graveyard, drone photo bomb

    Short flight of a ship graveyard, ended up seeing another mavic flying, if you pause the video at :02 and look between the A and R you will see it. My girlfriend saw it while she was being my spotter, and let me tell you it is incredibly hard to see another drone while in flight. I ended up...
  9. cheezstake

    NYC’s Mass Burial Ground, Hart Island

    I took off from city island, and with the virus, there was no one around me so it was nice. If you go to 1:44 on the video and pause it, you can see the active trench they are using to bury people. The white stick looking things are the grave stones. Not sure exactly what the island would be...
  10. cheezstake

    NYC’s Mass Burial Ground, Hart Island

    Pretty cool location in New York, has lots of history, and lots of abandoned buildings, which i find super interesting.
  11. cheezstake

    revisit to Watkins Glen New York

    Finally managed to make it back and hike the gorge trail, if anyone hasn't been and was thinking about going, it is well worth the trip. Make sure to get there early to avoid the crowds. all the drone shots are from my original mavic (2017), and the shots on the trail are from my gh5. Its a...
  12. cheezstake

    Seaview Hospital - Abandoned

    Abandoned hospital in Staten Island. Lots of big turkey vultures roosting on top of the building, really cool looking birds, i got pretty close to one.
  13. cheezstake

    New York State Inebriate Asylum

    on my way to Watkins glen I stopped off in Binghamton and did a quick flight over the abandoned asylum.
  14. cheezstake

    Royal cement factory - abandoned

    This was an interesting flight, cause if you look hard you can see a white car parked by the big silo, and by that car was two people using the area as a shooting range. I waited about 30 mins until the gun fire stopped, and set the mavic up, only to have them start shooting again. I ended up...
  15. cheezstake

    Ghost Town

    recently went on vacation to Arizona/Las Vegas , didn't get to do much flying cause it seemed that everything worth taking pictures of was in a national park, but thought this place was pretty cool. Its an old gold mining town.