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Recent content by cheezstake

  1. cheezstake

    Royal cement factory - abandoned

    This was an interesting flight, cause if you look hard you can see a white car parked by the big silo, and by that car was two people using the area as a shooting range. I waited about 30 mins until the gun fire stopped, and set the mavic up, only to have them start shooting again. I ended up...
  2. cheezstake

    Ghost Town

    recently went on vacation to Arizona/Las Vegas , didn't get to do much flying cause it seemed that everything worth taking pictures of was in a national park, but thought this place was pretty cool. Its an old gold mining town.
  3. cheezstake

    Fairfield Hills Connecticut

    Finally managed to get over here and make a video, been wanting to forever.
  4. cheezstake

    A revisit to one of the most amazing abandoned locations in New York

    With news that the facilities where being demolished I rushed back up to Poughkeepsie to fly once more at my favorite abandoned location. This is my first edit with davinci resolve, so mind the fact that things dont really sync up 100% or might look off, I did my best, this hobby is a work in...
  5. cheezstake

    first mavic 2 video, wyndclyffe castle

    this was my first flight with the mavic 2, going to take some time getting used to the way it flys. Also this was my first edit done with adobe premiere pro, coming from elements it was pretty confusing to be honest. I am going to try davinci resolve next and see if its any better for me.
  6. cheezstake

    mavic crystal sky adapter, mavic air multi charger

    charger has been sold, adapter is still for sale
  7. cheezstake

    mavic crystal sky adapter, mavic air multi charger

    Have a great condition crystalsky adapter for a mavic controller - looking for 35$ shipped
  8. cheezstake


    yea i have the original box and charger hub that comes with it
  9. cheezstake

    Tappan Zee bridge demolition New York

    well only the first couple seconds of this video where taken with the drone, but I thought it was just to cool to not share.
  10. cheezstake


  11. cheezstake

    Mohonk Gatehouse , New Paltz NY

    the road is called gatehouse road, its off 299, if you look closely you can see me on the road next to my truck.
  12. cheezstake

    Mohonk Gatehouse , New Paltz NY

    Really cool place, so many things to see.
  13. cheezstake

    Letchworth village NY

    This visit was actually pretty spur of the moment, so i didn't even have my regular camera with me, I ended up just holding the mavic for all of the indoor shots.
  14. cheezstake

    sold dji mavic air

    nothing wrong with it, i just want to get a mavic pro 2