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Recent content by Dale

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    First mavic, crash within 2 minutes

    This may be a bit of a long shot, but folks like to put those magnetic holders on their phones these days. The sticks in the remote control are hall effect and sensitive to magnetism. I had an issue when I was holding a slightly magnetized metallic object in my hand along with the remote. May...
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    How animals react to a drone, (up for review)

    I have see that from cows too! sometimes they just look and go back to eating. Sheep really seem to not like it, I suspect it reminds them of being sheared. Horses I have seen go both ways so I am always careful around them till I know their reaction.
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    Maybe Good to know before you register your drone..maybe

    The drone I fly for both recreational and part 107 has both registration numbers on it. I have not read all above, but if the 107 drone only had a commercial registration, it had to be commercial use from the ranger's point of view. If it had both, it would be easier to claim recreational use on...
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    Image Transmission Issues - Almost Can't Fly This Thing Anymore

    I just tried this on my S7 active. I had been using Lichi as the problem with Go4 was so bad for me. Today with no other changes version 4.2.24 of the app works again. Clear smooth video without the upper part of the screen being all pixelated even when the MP is 10 feet away.
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    Mavic Pro Flight Checklist

    I notice when I travel fairly long distances, several hundred miles or more. The MP will not fly in a straight line. It will slight curve right or left. Usually it seems to the right from what I recall. A compass calibration will fix it until the next move. I don't ever recall doing any other...
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    Multiple drones ownership

    Got into FPV lately, so I have a inductrix, a 2 inch brushless FPV, several 5 inch (200) FPV rigs, a 3DR Solo, two mavics and a couple of home built based on PX4 and Ardupilot. All provide unique experience and I can say that after flying FPV rigs in Acro mode your skills make the Mavic...
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    Why the hatin on drones?

    One of our local AMA fields does not allow drones. I asked the guy running it why he wants to exclude me and have me go out to the local park where I may further damage the RC community rather than be at the field with other similar minded folks where I can learn? He though about it for a minute...
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    My Friend Found a Mavic Pro Crashed On top of a Building

    I cannot remember exactly, but I found one and hooked it up to the DJI software on the pc. I got the log or black box files and saw earlier flights that when plotted on the map looked like a backyard. I went to that house and the mavic owner was very pleased to get it back. I did consider...
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    Serious bug in the Mavic's "Home Point Me" function - caused loss of drone!

    If your app crashes as it does sometimes on Android, can you navigate back from a distance with just the controller? I failed to see any telemetry on the controller that would help.
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    Drones banned in Sacramento County parks...

    Anyone know of anywhere we can find written documentation of this? I would like to know if it is just regional parks and my neighborhood park is still OK. Of course using common sense about being courteous and away from people. Any other thoughts on the Airspace aspect, fly in from a public...
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    Drones banned in Sacramento County Parks

    I have not been able to find any solid information on any county web or by phone, but it looks to be just regional parks. The American river parkway being one of the ones I love to fly at. I am wondering if flying from outside the park could also get you in trouble as there a few class G...
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    Newbies - please properly prepare your phones before flying

    I am new to Mavic as I just received it yesterday, but on my APM based drones I would turn of wifi partly because of suspected interference, but mostly because if I was doing "follow me" or some other mode that depended on knowing where the controller was, Wifi would sometimes confuse the...