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Recent content by e143slime8

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    Can anyone recommend an Android tablet similar in size to an iPad mini?

    Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0" is my preferred tablet. Works just fine. I also have a Samsung 10.1" tab but a little cumbersome for my liking. And to round things off, my favorite is my Moverio 300 bte glasses.
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    Advantages of a tablet?

    I have Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and two Samsung tablets, 10.1" and 8". Of all, I prefer the Tab 8". Less cumbersome for me than the 10.1 tab. Screen size is better than the Note 20. My main preferrence is my Moverio glasses.
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    Samsung note 20 ultra compatabilitie.. does it work with the dji app currently ?

    Because my phone (s) have case, I've always used aftermarket phone holders (I basically use Samsung 8" Tablet anyway which requires holder). My Note 10 Plus also works fine.
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    Samsung note 20 ultra compatabilitie.. does it work with the dji app currently ?

    Getting my Note 20 Ultra tomorrow, will let you know.
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    Flying at night

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    Drone stuck on bridge!

    Adventure stuff movies are made of!
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    Drone stuck on bridge!

    Not to be dumb or nothing but what exactly is a " portermann"?
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    Big Moon Pictures
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    A peek into Zion

    Beautiful park. We took the side road through a tunnel to exit the park. Puts you through some stunning scenery.
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    Samsung Tab A

    I have both an 8" and 10" Tab. I find the 8" just the right size. I also have Moverio's so if I need a larger screen, that's what I go to. The 8", for me, is perfect, 10" a little cumbersome.
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    Samsung Tab A

    I've purchased several USB micro cables of differing lengths to suit my needs. Here's one of them: I never like those USB c to USB micro adapters, sometimes looses good connectivity through the...
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    Mavic air battery's

    Occasionally major stores might have them on sale. Last year, Target (in the states) had a sale near a holiday. That's when I picked up an extra (already had fly more kit). Good Luck.
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    MavMount 3.0

    Feel your pain. I went through the "wife" thing last year when I purchased my Mavic Air. Thought I was "cool" but she found out and WOKE me from a nice sleep to interrogate me. Why won't they let us have our "toys"? I don't question any of her purchases!
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    Whats Up From NY!

    Welcome from Poughkeepsie!
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    State Farm for coverage

    I've found that if one agent said they don't have coverage, to shop around with different SF agents. No all know of the availability. I'm in NY.