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Recent content by e143slime8

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    Mavic Air - shooting video at night - best settings

    Just a note, I know this isn't your question, however: https://mavicpilots.com/threads/confused-about-flying-at-night.74132/?utm_source=daily_email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=10-6-19
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    Hello from Upstate NY!

    Poughkeepsie here!
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    Fluidity FT Aviator Feedback

    I'm waiting and hoping for the ability to integrate my Moverio BT-300 glasses. Anyone hear anything on that potential?
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    Sensitivity settings.

    What was your findings/fix?
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    Fluidity FT Aviator Feedback

    I too am looking for a tripod/table setup that has a secure table. I purchased a tripod which has a quick mount 1/4-20. I purchased a tripod table mount from Amazon. However, when the table is mounted on the quick mount, I'm not getting a "secure feeling" from the table, too much table slop when...
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    Ok may be a dumb question but i have a Samsung note 9 that i use with my mavic air. How do you keep from phone trying to charge off of the remote?

    I've been reading that IPhones offer an option for the "controller charging the phone" to be disabled. However, Android systems do not make that offer within the controller. I'm thinking, as well, to make sure the phone is fully charged before connecting. This "charging" of my phone has now...
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    Line of Sight

    Firehouse Technology "ARC" High Intensity Cree LED Strobe Light for Drones FAA 107 Compliant Fits all Quadcopters DJI Inspire 1, 2, Phantom Typhoon H MAVIC Q500 Spark RC Planes Here's where I got mine...
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    If you have problems with the ones from Adorama, Epson themselves offers them refurbished for $499.00. Have fun with them, you're gonna love 'em (my opinion)!
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    Shop around, I know B & H Photo as well as Adorama had that price. I did notice Amazon did not. Epson's own site has that price as well. Instant rebates. Normally $699.00, now $599.00.
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    I just "pulled the trigger" and got the Moverio glasses this week, especially since they are currently runnng it at a discount, bringing price down (??) to $599.00. It is pricey however I tested it a few times now and WOW.
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    Da Vinci Resolve 15 Tutorial

    Thanks, will give them a try.
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    Tripod mode and yaw and exp settings

    Within this video are some useful tips for stick settings:
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    Da Vinci Resolve 15 Tutorial

    Dealing with Windows PC.
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    Da Vinci Resolve 15 Tutorial

    Thanks, the journey continues.