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Recent content by izombi82

  1. izombi82

    ***NEW MAVIC 2 Pro & Zoom Comparison SPREADSHEET, Poll - Will U Buy?

    Lame, not enough difference to justify the cost, I’ll continue with my gen 1 Mavic until I can get an inspire
  2. izombi82

    Is bad that I’m little mad?

    Having two Mavics, I find that if you fly them both with their cameras aimed at each other nobody has lost line of sight! Also, you can’t see where your going and collision avoidance doesn’t work that well but rules are rules.
  3. izombi82

    Gimbal Trouble

    Replaced motor assembly today recalibrated everything and updated everything, took it out for a fly, everything performs nicely EXCEPT when I release the travel forward it veers off to the left as it slows to a stop, and when I release travel backwards it veers right. Is this related to the...
  4. izombi82

    Gimbal Trouble

    So new ribbon didn't fix anything looks like I should try motor assembly next? Is that the next most cost effective way to get her back in the air?
  5. izombi82

    STROBON Cree® light mounts for the DJI Mavic Pro (by DDH)

    Still just a little confused, Are the front mounts aimed towards the front and can they be aimed towards the rear but still on the front leg? And vise versa with the rear? Also, Once sanded, what color do the black and gray become? I'm ok with unsanded, just curious.
  6. izombi82

    Can your flight records be deleted or accessed?

    This is great!, can you tell me how to access it?
  7. izombi82

    Can your flight records be deleted or accessed?

    This was about a month ago, I'd have to re-attempt it in order to remember what I did exactly. I believe I plugged my Mavic into my Mac and it pulled up memory storage thinking this was my SD card, I wiped it, as it turns out the SD card wasn't onboard. I will dig into this further this...
  8. izombi82

    STROBON Cree® light mounts for the DJI Mavic Pro (by DDH)

    I can't find the proper place to order four (4) mounts 2 front 2 rear all in black or gray (which ever is closer to the color of the Mavic after sanding smooth) when do you expect to have something like this?
  9. izombi82

    Can your flight records be deleted or accessed?

    I wiped all records off of my Mavic, I did it by accident but they never came back and upon sync with account those records then were blank, unless it has some other hidden files
  10. izombi82

    New firmware 1000 for Mavic Pro. Anyone tried it?

    Just a few more NFZ's [emoji23]
  11. izombi82

    IPad Mini or 9" iPad Pro

    Ordered and received the anker powerline, it's a good heavy duty cord, however for diversity I also ordered Just in case I wanted slightly different cord placement. Heres what it looks like. This is the 8.14" Anbee...
  12. izombi82

    Did any lady owning a drone?

  13. izombi82

    Gimbal Trouble

    It's good to know that the assembly can be repaired. I'm sure a cost comparison between repairing an assembly vs a whole new assembly will be the main deciding factor.
  14. izombi82

    How to rollback Mavic firmware

    Thanks for that, I picked up an el' cheapo Win 10 machine today at best buy, plan on trying to back up and downgrade to .700 on my test bird
  15. izombi82

    Gimbal Trouble

    I was curious about this, Is that something I can replace individually as needed (like if it is just the motor that tilts up and down) or does that require the whole assembly (all three) minus the camera?