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    I feel further rules is not the answer, it is more people's compliance to them and just further control hits the people that are already being Safe. I have been droning for many years, always been considerate of safety, keeping away from people as best I can but having fun. Since registering in...
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    Close call with a new battery

    Is this an original DJI battery or 3rd Party version? I have seen several forum entries saying their non DJI batteries work well but don't clip in properly.
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    Yet another Virtual Litchi Mission (Chrome/Firefox Extension)

    I couldn't get VLM installed as it kept telling me I had no internet connection -- so downloaded and installed this - very quick to get running and works very well. Will encourage me to start using Litchi again. Well done!
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    Mavic pro software/firmware update question?

    Can you tell us which version have you video feed issues and which you rolled back to. This could help others also thinking their video feed could be better. Thanks
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    Mavic Pro DISTANCE Run Stock in CE Mode

    Can you give some detail of your setup - what firmware are you using in the aircraft & RC, are you on iOS or Android. And what app versions? I lose HD signal at 1Km and want to see if changing App & FW versions will help. Thanks
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    Mavic Pro on IOS 12 beta 6 - total fail of image transmission

    Sorry - may have been too quick in sending out a request - tried a different location and seems to work better now - must have been some bad interference at the beach I was on that stopped it working. For info, was using the micro-USB port with original cable. Now managed 700m before losing HD...
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    Mavic Pro on IOS 12 beta 6 - total fail of image transmission

    Tried flying the mavic today - kept losing image transmission after only a few seconds of use. Tried restarting everything, removed phone background apps, switched to airplane as well as a reboot of phone. Worked fine two days ago and all I can think has changed is a new beta of iOS 12 on my...
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    The Mavic Pro in fcc mode is absolutely brilliant

    Please can any one say if FCC mod works with any Mavic Pro firmware -- otherwise, which was the last FW it works with?
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    Rebalancing a Mavic Lipo

    I had problems with a battery after only 8 charges. When the difference reaches 0.15 across cells this triggers a battery error and will not fly. As I bought 2nd hand from eBay I ended scrapping battery.
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    Mavic Pro with platinum propellers

    I rececently bought the platinum props. Had delayed due to mixed reviews but wanted to try myself. I'm pleased with them - on a quick hover test I didnt notice the sound difference but during the few flights since I like the sound being more of a 'hum' and less noticeable / annoying. Only...