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  1. Sahil89@DSLRPros

    Mavic Battery Issue

    While I was trying to update my mavic, it unfortunately stopped in the middle and after that my battery shows two green light indicators constantly. I tried resetting it several times but nothing happens. I was able to insert another battery and get the update done. Is anyone facing the same issue?
  2. Sahil89@DSLRPros

    Mavic Pro Platinum Leaked!

    $100 extra for this . Gives you 30 min of flying time but also less noise
  3. Sahil89@DSLRPros

    Mavic rain test (inadvertent)

    Great to know mavic can handle this situation like a champ
  4. Sahil89@DSLRPros

    Need advice for IPad

    I pad mini 4 is definitely a great option but look into Crystal skyline as well. The only drawback for this is that it does not support 3rd party apps. You can opt run DJI go 4 app.
  5. Sahil89@DSLRPros

    Just bought my Mavic Pro

    Hey it's great to know we have another Mavic owner. I will definitely check out some tutorials on YouTube and at least learn the basic advance settings like return to home or hover and sports mode settings etc . And since you are worried about crashing, I hope you bought the DJI care refresh...
  6. Sahil89@DSLRPros

    Driving from New York to Boston .. where can i fly?

    It's true that DJI app won't allow you to fly the mavic. But download Kittyhawk. It will give you a lot of info on pre flight details. Hope this helps
  7. Sahil89@DSLRPros

    Bahamas mavic pro pic

    Did you face any issues tho?
  8. Sahil89@DSLRPros

    Do most people own multiple drones?

    Depending on what they are trying to do. Now I got customers who are looking into getting thermal imaging along with inspire 1 v2.
  9. Sahil89@DSLRPros

    1st time out with the mavic and it dropped out of the sky twice.

    Hey man hopefully you are using the right prop?
  10. Sahil89@DSLRPros

    max distance issue

    Call Dronefly and they will provide you support over the phone
  11. Sahil89@DSLRPros

    First flight with my Mavic!

    Great aircraft and so much to discover.
  12. Sahil89@DSLRPros

    Anyone look into this drone?

    I work for Dronefly and DSLRPros in Canoga Park and based on my hoesnt opinion I would recommend you the be the early adapter of a unproven drone. Stick with the DJI :)
  13. Sahil89@DSLRPros

    Mavic Pro Gimbal Fallen after crash - repairable?

    Please get in touch with dronefly . They will help you with the repair and the support you need
  14. Sahil89@DSLRPros

    Proud Mavic Owner

    It's was finally the time for me to invest in a drone and I am happy to say I bought my self a Mavic. I am glad I found this platform to increase my knowledge on this ultimate drone. Also, I work for DSLRPros and Dronefly based out of Southern California as an enterprise drone solution...