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Recent content by skiguy1701

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    For Android Tablet users only!

    The best 8" Android tablet is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. It is what I use and never a problem. I got mine for $100 off of Craigslist. Good Luck!
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    in colorado

    Welcome! I am in Fort Collins. I fly at the old Hughes Stadium. Lots of open space and interesting terrain to explore. Enjoy!
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    Dashware tip... synchronization tips wanted

    the one I learned the most from was "fdnyfish" Search "dashware fdnyfish" on YT. He was active on phantompilots,com
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    Dashware tip... synchronization tips wanted

    There a some great howto's on Youtube.. Search on "Dashware Phantom"...enjoy!
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    Not happy with the shimmering on this video?

    This is a known issue with the Mavic. 60fps is simply not usable. A YouTube search will show a lot of similar examples. This issue is not fixable in firmware. It is a limitation of the chipset used by the Mavic. Jim