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    Mavic 2's go on sale

    Took a total of 3 weeks.
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    If you like pushing it to the limit and fly higher, faster and farther than the law permits, just because you can… think again

    And a hacker will just program/create something to scramble the communication. And the war continues.....
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    Mavic 2's go on sale

    UPDATE: Just received my Mavic 2 Pro from Gearbest in perfect condition. Took a little while to arrive, but was well worth the wait.
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    Mavic 2's go on sale

    Never had any issues with them in the past. In the event that I do, PayPal will take care of it.
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    Mavic 2 Pro on sale for 1199.00

    Thought I’d share this with the group. DEALS: DJI Mavic Pro 2 $1199 and other sales on Singles Day (China's Black Friday 2018) - 360 Rumors
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    Chasing my Drone

    Needed that laugh! Glad you were able to retrieve it.
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    (Poll) How old are we?

    Turning 40 on Friday - waiting for the Mavic Pro 2 current owner of a Mavic Pro.
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    2 sealed Mavic pro

    If the seller did his due dillgence to reach out to the vendor and report the error - that’s not a tarnish on his integrity. If the vendor suggest that he keep it - then it is what it is. Can’t knock a guy for being lucky.
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    2 sealed Mavic pro

    I was told by one of their outsource folks to keep the other two. So I sold them.
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    2 sealed Mavic pro

    That’s crazy - the same thing happened to me at 7 months ago. I ordered 1 and received 3. I called and was told that it was a system error.
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    DJI Mavic Pro Platinum (Just Released)

    Absolutely not worth it!!! Sticking with my Mavic - and will wait for the 2