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    Advice on a Laptop for 4K editing (Budget edition)

    I have looked into these, but im not much of a fan of apple products. Aware that would be an easier solution though. Hi Wyoming, thank you for the reply. Still not bought anything, but am looking at Gaming laptops & PCs (more bang for buck?)
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    Advice on a Laptop for 4K editing (Budget edition)

    Hi all, As per the title im looking to purchase a laptop (ideally) that I can edit 4K footage on from my Mavic & other cameras. I have a limited budget of no more than £1000. Or should i just be looking at a tower PC for this (not ideal, travel et but possiblec) Any advice just to steer me...
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    Cant you control the Mavic without a phone? Just the contdol pad. Would restarting that not be quicker?
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    The Dry Spell - A Narration with the Mavic Pro (and P4 Pro)

    Good effort there Rick. Really liked the Narration, very different from your usual content, but very welcome. Have been subbed to your YT account for a little while, keep the content coming.
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    Help with mavic pro photo quality

    Im just loving this photo
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    The lake district

    Nice shots, stunning part of the world.
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    Youtube live stream

    I have a Samsung S7 Edge & wouldnt even bother....DJI app is awful on Android.
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    What is your top takeoff altitude?

    So is the altitude limit from the point i take off from or sea level? Ex if i try take off from 600m above sea level on a mountain/hill, it wont just sit there laughing at me? Ill be able to fly up another 500m? Or for example on a mountain 1000m up, take off right over cliff edge, will the...
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    What is your top takeoff altitude?

    Am i missing a trick here? As my max altitude setting is are you getting above 4000m?? Id love to know as im off too Italy soon and theres some sweet mountains id like to get above :)
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    Remove before flight

    Ha ha good idea
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    How many of you guys gets nagged by the wife for playing with your "Drone" everyday?

    Well you know what happened when i tried to get my wife involved with flying a drone ;)
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    4K Stunning Drone Footage of Hong Kong

    Looks real nice, good effort
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    Tiny Planets

    These are awesome....gonna give this a go. Great work folks.