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Recent content by vertigo235

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    Low noise prop cause abnormal gimbal vibration

    I tried them out today and had the same issue at the beginning of my flight, stopped and inspected the blades all looked good so I tried again. The vibration went away after a few low altitude maneuvers. I'm thinking the hinges on the new props had to loosen up and allow the props to move...
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    Litchi won't let me fly past 100' after .900 update

    Yeah you will have to just launch the DJI Go app first, it will unlock the mavic then you are good to go for litchi.
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    Litchi won't let me fly past 100' after .900 update

    Oh actually I think you are right you will have to authorize the bird in DJI App before launching litchi. That will be true until litchi updates to the 4.1 api.
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    Litchi won't let me fly past 100' after .900 update

    Check the setting in the DJI app, I believe it's one of those settings that persists into other apps?
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    Camera upgrade

    I'm sure it will be something they will look into for the Mavic 2.
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    Lucky escape caught on 4k!

    I'm just surprised that you say you don't care about the quality from using the Gimbal Cover but yet you bother to film in 4K?
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    Neighbourhood busy bodies

    I'm actually surprised I have not created some posts on my Nextdoor group. They go crazy about the most ridiculous things.
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    Mavic Pilot Age

    37 in North Carolina
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    I can confirm "flying from a boat" is crazy

    So landing on a moving boat is harder than landing on a stationary landing pad? Good to know. ;)
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    Anyone change their control stick configuration to mimic FPS games?

    I stuck with Mode 2 because I have flown some small RC copters in the past and it was really hard to get use to then but I finally did. Anyhow if I was learning from scratch it might have been nice to mimic game controls.
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    Live streaming to facebook

    I've done two livestreams to Facebook and both times my video was not saved to my SD card. I could have sworn I was recording. Now I'm afraid to use live stream again.
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    How many spare batteries?

    I have three total but I would like to have one more.
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    Hangar 360 easy to use

    Another Hangar 360 from yesterday, this one was at 255 feet instead of the normal 300 feet FYI. Hangar 360 Photo