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Recent content by WillemH

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    Galaxy s8+ or Note 8

    S8+ Works like a dream. Log in and put it in flight mode.
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    Mavic Pro Platinum Leaked!

    That is more than 60% reduction. Although the human ear doesnt register it like that.
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    For Sale: DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo + Itelite Nanosync + Battery (Clip) Mod.

    For sale is my Mavic Pro with Fly More combo. Mavic has no more than 4 flying hours. Batteries have been charged no more than ten times each. Has been working flawless. No crashes, no scratches, no malfunctions. I sell it because I am not filming and editing, just flying for fun. My (modded)...
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    Bird Attack

    Birds hate the **** out of it.
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    Strange behavior.

    From Ijmuiden to Amsterdam is a total no fly zone. Whole of the north sea canal is a no fly zone. Y Not that i think that was the cause, but you should be more careful. The hover app and dji hold 3 miles from any airport, but these are not complete. Look a littlebit further and font make an ***...
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    Obstacle Avoidance

    Mavic has no rear obstacle avoidance.
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    Official Mavic Pro Range Leaderboard!

    Both batteries with Velcro attached weigh 319 grams. I think it might be the graphene battery has very low internal resistance. Wind was ideal and i flew 51 kmh in p-mode full throttle. Had batteries on top. Want to put them on the side next flight. Winds are very strong now.
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    Official Mavic Pro Range Leaderboard!

    3ms at 45 degrees angle on way out. Most along the beach but went over water when there were many people at the beach
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    Official Mavic Pro Range Leaderboard!

    10000 m is 32808 ft @JakeMaxxUAV
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    Official Mavic Pro Range Leaderboard!

    Did a 10km 10000m (oneway) run with itelite nanosync antenne and dual 1500mAh dynogen graphene 2.0 landed with 20% battery. Batteries no hotter than the main battery.
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    What's up Mavic Community!!

    Legal or not, operating a UAV while high certainly is not. So no good composition. Peace man
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    New Mobile Device for Mavic Pro and P4

    I am using my Samsung Galaxy S8+ connected to the lower USB port. I turn on flightmode after logging in. No single disconnect or app failure in 20 flights. Before i had a Motorola moto c+ which was a disaster.
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    What is the definition of REAL pilot?

    I think there are no real pilots anymore.