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Recent content by ZetallicA

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    Mavic won't update!!! wtf DJI

    Mavic would update succesfully via DJI assistant 2, over USB cable. then when using the mavic pro via DJI Go 4 app, it will tells me that I need to update it to the latest firmware (which I did already). Connecting it back to the computer to check the firmware version (after I successfully...
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    R/C serial number in App?

    so does this re-write or reprogram a new serial number into the flight controller?
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    Using WiFi repeater with the Mavic Pro

    Have you finish testing the Mavic with Wifi Repeater? where did you buy it
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    How Cold can it be and still fly?

    today 1-15-2018, I updated the firmware everywhere (drone, remote control) and had the latest DJI Go android app on my phone. I went to the beach. cold -4C temperature. it took many restarts and re-bindings of the remote control to the Mavic to finally connect it. then after flying it for 2 or...
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    Latest Firmware 1.04.0200

    Why do they keep lowering the range distance? I got a message saying you wil fly within 30 and 50 meter respectively. if you dont like it revert to the older version
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    Mavic Pro front hinge problem

    How do you install the two bolts? I know you put them half way then you insert the bolt. the issue is the arms stays just in the middle.. it doesnt stay open all the way
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    Mini USB port on Mavic

    Hamltnlbue is posting about a second mini USB port on the logic board that is accessible by opening the drone. I want to know if I can reset/change UIDs and serial numbers of the drone
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    front sensor replacement

    I bought the part on ebay but after I replace it.. both front cameras stopped working. the original part had only the left one broken. after the replacement I can't calibrate it and both sensors are being reported broken by the DJI assistant. as if it's replaced. anyone knows what to do to...
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    Illegal in Paris

    Definitely I will not bring the drone to Morocco . they take it away forever and fine/jail you in Morocco. I wanted to know if there is similar risk at Paris airports. I dont need to fly it but I would love to use it as a steadyCam and just record videos/pictures without flying it. my...
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    Illegal in Paris

    So.. final word: Can you bring your Mavic Pro to Paris on the airplane yes or no?