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  1. S

    Music Video Shot Entirely on Mavic Air using Smart Capture

    wow.. So i did it... I bought the Mavic Air Specifically for the purpose of shooting a music video, not to fly 2 miles out and spy on my neighbours (just kidding). People wanted to charge me nearly 2k to shoot 3 music videos. So i bought the Mavic Air to do it all myself, using the smart...
  2. J

    iphone 8 video editing

    Hi, just got an iphone8+ and want to use it to fly my Mavic with (connected to controller of course) and then edit video's on the phone itself, then publish. anybody else doing the same on iphone? if so, how's the results? am i stuck with imovie here? sorry if there is another forum for...
  3. D

    Is 1080p my best choice...

    ... in light of the fact that my HD monitor is only 1080p? What is the highest recommended FPS at 1080p when the goal is some slow-mo in the final edit? Thank you.
  4. FlyLikeMarv

    downsizing from 4k to 1080p upload? why?

    I don't seem to understand why some people record at 4k then export them into 1080p to be uploaded to yt or other video sites. Does down-scaling result into better quality and faster upload cause of the file side difference with how large 4k size may be after export? I usually shoot at 4k with...
  5. Mavicao

    1080p60 aliasing

    I haven't flown my drone enough to start editing my footage, so what I've been doing is shooting 4K and watching the raw footage on my TV. I am aware of the aliasing problem with 1080p60 but since so many problems with this drone have been fixed during this past year (like the D-Log video...
  6. Mavic Ninja

    Video Quality Help!

    Hi all, I have been most recently shooting videos in 4K, but then converting them to 1080p in order to be compatible on my iPhone, iPad (not 4K compat), and MacBook. Once converting, the quality is not that great. I was hoping that someone could reccomend a setting to change to so that I...
  7. npalavos

    Sunrise in Piraeus, Greece

    Hello all, one of my first clips from the Mavic. Shot in 4k but Lightworks only lets me upload to 1080p. Any questions or comments more than welcome!