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  1. Yaros

    Airsense (ADS-B) in Europe is present but just firmware disabled?!

    Hello, I am curious why is Airsense disabled on the Mavic Air 2 in Europe but not on the Air 2S. Any thoughts? I recently stumbled upon this post where someone said that the ADS-B module is actually present inside the drone, it just isn't working. Pretty weird...
  2. U

    Mavic Air 2 ADS-B Canada

    Hello, does anyone know if the Mavic Air 2 has the ADS-B in Canada? Thanks!:)
  3. Steve F

    Close encounter with an ultralight aircraft - ADS-B did its job

    While flying my Mavic Air 2 drone a couple of days ago I received an ADS-B alert of a nearby aircraft. I occasionally get these alerts and will typically pop open the map to get an idea of where the aircraft is if I do not have a visual on it. In this case I was flying fairly low at probably...
  4. T

    Will AirSence (ADS-B) give you a weak signal?

    Hi, I live in South Africa where we use CE mode. I bought a Mavic Air 2 from Amazon in the USA. The AirSense function is not available on the Fly app. Does this mean that the AirSense is off when it's disabled? Does ADS-B make the Mavic Air 2 signal weaker? Thanks.
  5. R

    ADS-B Warnings In Chinese

    I switched my MA2 to a secondary phone, and now my ADS-B verbal warnings are in Chinese. Everything else English (including warnings on the screen). Very odd - anyone else have this issue?
  6. NaweG

    What is likely to be the first 2020 Drone from DJI?

    Every time I get the itch to upgrade lately, I am able to hold off by realizing that I probably want to wait for something with ADS-B if I want to be sure I can fly it for a good, long time. Particularly since I suspect the reason we didn’t see other drones from DJI this year is that they expect...
  7. K

    PSA- Airspace awareness using free ADS-B tracker

    I've seen many postings about using tracking services like flightradar24 to check airspace while flying. These sites usually require a paid subscriptions for "full access" but still block many aircraft if the owner (i.e. private corp, military, LE, govt) can demonstrate a legitimate privacy...
  8. D


    I know it is cost-prohibitive for smalll drones now (as GPS was at one point), however conceptually what if ADS-B in and out were implemented at some point for small UAVs such as the Mavic, with received information displayed on the operator's console? Traffic, weather and lots of other...