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  1. M

    Flightradar24 able to display UAVs

    This may be old news for some, but I noticed the recent Beta version of Flightradar24 has added 'Drones' to their list of filters. It will be interesting to see if anything ever shows up on their tracking map and I'm not really sure just how they would be displayed. I guess time will tell.
  2. Yaros

    Airsense (ADS-B) in Europe is present but just firmware disabled?!

    Hello, I am curious why is Airsense disabled on the Mavic Air 2 in Europe but not on the Air 2S. Any thoughts? I recently stumbled upon this post where someone said that the ADS-B module is actually present inside the drone, it just isn't working. Pretty weird...
  3. U

    Mavic Air 2 ADS-B Canada

    Hello, does anyone know if the Mavic Air 2 has the ADS-B in Canada? Thanks!:)
  4. Steve F

    Close encounter with an ultralight aircraft - ADS-B did its job

    While flying my Mavic Air 2 drone a couple of days ago I received an ADS-B alert of a nearby aircraft. I occasionally get these alerts and will typically pop open the map to get an idea of where the aircraft is if I do not have a visual on it. In this case I was flying fairly low at probably...
  5. T

    Will AirSence (ADS-B) give you a weak signal?

    Hi, I live in South Africa where we use CE mode. I bought a Mavic Air 2 from Amazon in the USA. The AirSense function is not available on the Fly app. Does this mean that the AirSense is off when it's disabled? Does ADS-B make the Mavic Air 2 signal weaker? Thanks.
  6. R

    ADS-B Warnings In Chinese

    I switched my MA2 to a secondary phone, and now my ADS-B verbal warnings are in Chinese. Everything else English (including warnings on the screen). Very odd - anyone else have this issue?
  7. NaweG

    What is likely to be the first 2020 Drone from DJI?

    Every time I get the itch to upgrade lately, I am able to hold off by realizing that I probably want to wait for something with ADS-B if I want to be sure I can fly it for a good, long time. Particularly since I suspect the reason we didn’t see other drones from DJI this year is that they expect...
  8. K

    PSA- Airspace awareness using free ADS-B tracker

    I've seen many postings about using tracking services like flightradar24 to check airspace while flying. These sites usually require a paid subscriptions for "full access" but still block many aircraft if the owner (i.e. private corp, military, LE, govt) can demonstrate a legitimate privacy...
  9. D


    I know it is cost-prohibitive for smalll drones now (as GPS was at one point), however conceptually what if ADS-B in and out were implemented at some point for small UAVs such as the Mavic, with received information displayed on the operator's console? Traffic, weather and lots of other...