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  1. Skyler King III

    Mavic 2 Pro "GHOST"

    I took images of a property only to fine a GHOST of a blue-ish property appear in the backyard between house and barn/garage. I used AEB3. These are the bracketed DNGs Any ideas? Here's the Hightail link: Hightail Spaces
  2. Dwse_pono

    AEB 360 panorama MAVIC 2 PRO

    Hello all of you, i need your help, I need to know if there is a way to AUTOMATIC take AEB 360 sphere photos(RAW photos, so i can edit them later) like the DJI GO 4 or the LITCHI takes as simple shots BUT i want them AEB... I was trying to make it manual shooting but takes so much time, efford...
  3. H

    Any tips for take AEB stills and panoramas

    I find when i get home I have a lot of pieces to assemble, its a right jigsaw puzzle. If i do a sphere its 47 images if I do AEB its 5 images per shot , and if I do I 180 another bunch. How do people keep track of what fragment of belongs to which shot....especially if you use light room or...
  4. G

    AEB and exposure range vs manual

    Ive been doing some testing on this lately and am wondering if ive come across a bug or limitation. Using the AEB mode on DJI Go 4 (Android) there appears to be no way to select the exposure range for the shots. The app seems to do this automatically using some sort of algorithm. Due to the...
  5. O

    Long exposure HDR - AEB ?

    How to take a photo with long exposure in AEB mode ? When I select AEB mode, iso 100 and long exposure time all my 5 or 3 photos looks about the same :( all good in auto mode
  6. Pathogen

    Who likes clouds?

    I love clouds, just sayin'
  7. K

    Litchi: AEB+PANO

    Cannot find anywhere if Litchi is supporting AEB when shooting panoramas in Pano mode. Also what is maximum number of shots for AEB? Only 3? I was trying HDR pano with DJI Go app and it was very time demanding when up in the air especially with storm approaching. It took me almost 5 minutes for...
  8. Kennetf

    Best photo settings for Mavic?

    Hello great mavic people! I´ve just gotten my Mavic, and since it´s my first DJI product, I need some help understanding the photo settings. Do you have any preferred set of settings when shooting pictures? Do you shoot using manual exposure settings, or is the auto one good enough as long as...