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Dec 14, 2018
Hello all of you, i need your help,
I need to know if there is a way to AUTOMATIC take AEB 360 sphere photos(RAW photos, so i can edit them later) like the DJI GO 4 or the LITCHI takes as simple shots BUT i want them AEB...
I was trying to make it manual shooting but takes so much time, efford and battery... I spent many hours searching the google and youtube but i cant make it one button shots. Do i need XML also? Every time i have to adjust manual the drone or the gimbal to take each AEB photo. So who of you have the smartest and fastest way?

I have the mavic 2 pro (just updated to 1.00.0300 firmware) i am using my android S9+ phone and i install DJI go 4 and Litchi on my phone. I can also use IOS from my wife's phone (only in case that make big difference)

PS: Please write name of apps or link i have to use or videos on youtube ONLY that does what i am looking for and not just 360 photos or only HDR drone photography... :p

Thanks in advance
Friendly George
See this post.
Litchi, Panos and AEB
Lichti will do what you want to do

Hello my friend and thank for your answer,
i read the full post that you sent me but NO ONE did it or explain how to do it now.
If there is a solution that i miss, please let me know here. It is important for me.

I start to believe that there is no way to make 360 AEB auto with the software that exist today (at least in Android...) but i hope i am wrong
You take one FPV photo in AEB mode and then switch to Pano Mode and the setting for AEB is supposed to be in place for the Pano mode.

When I have time I will test this out.
No need to take one photo in AEB mode.
Just switch to pano mode, select AEB at capture mode, and make the pano.
Unfortunately i have a bug, where 30-40% of my pictures will have wrong shutter value in exif info.
For ex. 1/500 will be darker than 1/1000 picture.. So its hard to merge HDR correctly.