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  1. W

    D-Log to HDR (Rec.2020) workflow

    As the title says. I can only find D-Log to Rec.709 workflows online. The way I always thought about it, was that 'log'-profiles in general store the most dynamic range, even compared to the HLG format. This video suggests it's possible, but I can't replicate the result in DaVinci. Highlights...
  2. maurotandoi

    3 Glacier Fellaria, Alps | HDR

  3. maurotandoi

    3 Lake Annone (close Lake Como) | HDR | HLG Profile | 4K 50 FPS

    DJI Mavic 3 Classic
  4. maurotandoi

    3 Night Mode vs HLG/HDR - Mavic 3 Classic - Lake Como, Italy

  5. maurotandoi

    3 HLG / HDR - Mavic 3 Classic 10 min over the Alps, Italy

  6. S

    filter vs non-filter

    Hi All, having a bit of trouble with this. In general, even on cloudy days, if i dont use a filter, the camera registers the blowout zebra in the sky. However, with the filter, even on the lowest setting, i tend to get a very dark picture.....any suggestions?
  7. E

    No banding and no vignetting for me in AEB (5 shot HDR) or 48 megapixel

    I shoot commercially (part 107 licensed) for work. I travel around the country with my Mavic Pro 2. I didn't see a huge reason to upgrade to the Mavic 3 I wouldn't gain anything of photography and video quality that my company needs. But when the Mini 3 came out, getting the longer distance...
  8. Yaros

    Air 2 Gorgeous mountains of Mallorca - Sa Calobra

    Decided to share a panorama and some photos from my flight over the mountains of Mallorca, this is Sa Calobra. This is the most beautiful place I have ever flown my drone in :)
  9. A

    Adobe's Photoshop bundle vs dedicated apps

    In another thread, there was some discussion about Adobe's Photoshop bundle (Lightroom, Photoshop, Bridge) versus dedicated apps for specific purposes. I argued that while the Photoshop bundle is the best overall suite, it cannot beat dedicated apps. Some members were not convinced. Here's an...
  10. cgmaxed

    Air 2 Photoshop HDR Toning Adjustment Before and After

    This image was purposely taken toward the sun. The drone was shooting in HDR, but the foreground still came out quite dark. Photoshop has a feature in the Image Adjustments tab Called HDR Toning. Here is the before and after HDR Toning applied. Now if you can help me reduce the haze a little...
  11. Purplefrog

    Air 2 Steamboat Springs Colorado USA

    MA2 5 shot bracketed and using Aurora HDR. Looking north to Steamboat Springs Colorado USA
  12. marciosantos

    Air 2 MA2 - Testing HDR against the sun

    Some HDR videos against the sun to test Quad Bayer sensor of the Mavic Air 2.
  13. Night shot of a city block as people get ready to face the long night

    Night shot of a city block as people get ready to face the long night

    Another one from the mavic mini. This time a single HDR shot from a block of the cith of buenos aires. Not a bad result asll things considered.
  14. Astoundingly beautiful sunset over Buenos Aires

    Astoundingly beautiful sunset over Buenos Aires

    No, this is not some fancy color edit. I managed to capture this astonishingly beautiful sunset over Buenos Aires with my drone just this evening. The result of HDRing this shot is absolutely stunning. I wasn't expecting this while shooting it. One hell of a view to enjoy. Atmospheric refraction doe
  15. Brojon

    Mavic Air 2 questions

    Hopefully someone will get one soon. Meanwhile after watching many reviews I have some questions. Will it get Litchi support? Does the new app allow adjusting critical parameters for cinema yaw speed, yaw response (EXP curves), smooth braking Does it have cinema/tripod mode How bad is low...
  16. Skyler King III

    Bracket capability disappeared for Mavic Air?

    I haven't used my Mavic Air in a while. Mainly use Mavic 2 Pro. Took Mavic Air up for some flights today and seems like bracketing and panorama disappeared What the...? Any suggestions. Yes I'm using latest Go 4 and the GO 4 app says my firmware is up to date. Any ideas here or did DJI...
  17. Dam10-1.jpg


    Canyon Dam
  18. Dwse_pono

    AEB 360 panorama MAVIC 2 PRO

    Hello all of you, i need your help, I need to know if there is a way to AUTOMATIC take AEB 360 sphere photos(RAW photos, so i can edit them later) like the DJI GO 4 or the LITCHI takes as simple shots BUT i want them AEB... I was trying to make it manual shooting but takes so much time, efford...
  19. thomashall1993

    $8000 drone vs $1000 drone at night photography

    I frequently shoot pictures of our state capitol since I live in it and was making some new attempts at creating photos of it under the 336 rules, so that when I go to the trouble of following the SOPs for our Daylight Waiver, I would not be wasting anyone's time. Our Capitol is in Class D...