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air 2

  1. Minion Blob

    SOLD on eBay; DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo - Immaculate. Flown 1.8 hrs.

    Pictures as shown. Essentially a new device but without the warranty. Flown a total of 1.8 hrs when unbound from my DJI account as a test bed for my Insta360 Sphere. Controller has 0 hours but had been rebound before packing, as I have used it with the Smart Controller exclusively (separate...
  2. Minion Blob

    6 packs (2 ea.) Genuine DJI Air 2/2S Low Noise Props in Sealed Packages

    Current AZN Prime cost is $11 ea. Ordered from Adorama. Since I’m not well-known here my eBay handle is “laszlos” for reference. I ship within 24 hrs of payment receipt, PP registered addresses US only. Shipping will be USPS First Class or similar service with Tracking Number. Price for...
  3. J

    Mavic Air 2 ESC Error

    Long story short, I had an Air 2s that had a motor failure over a very deep lake. Not retrievable. Since I still had my remote, extra batteries and charger, I decided to seek out a cheap air 2 or 2s body so at least my accessories wouldn't go to waste. Being somewhat experienced with...
  4. W

    Hey, somebody go check out the new dude in the neighborhood...

    Was just goofing around up on Mt. Lemmon (near Tucson, AZ) and this hawk gave my A2 a flyby. I was watching the footage and noticed he REALLY did check out the mechanical bird - look at that head turn. Glad I wasn't shooting a slower shutter. Made me laugh, too funny. Luckily he decided it...
  5. W

    Anyone have a comparison of the Air 2 vs Air 2S camera dynamic range?

    For note: I shoot professionally; commercial and residential properties. I always shoot RAW (and ISO 100). I am struggling in the Arizona sun with my Air 2. I often have to underexpose to save the clouds from blowing out and then heavily boost the shadows to get a decent looking image (here...
  6. Hello, everyone, I come from Chinese Mainland. I can only speak Chinese, so the following contents are expressed in Chinese

    Hello, everyone, I come from Chinese Mainland. I can only speak Chinese, so the following contents are expressed in Chinese: 我的飞行器是mavic air2,由于购买的增值服务dji caer服务即将到期,所以我使用了这项服务,我发现换新回来的飞行器电池比之前购买飞行器套装时的电池(3500mah)容量增大了250mah(3750mah),这将使得我使用大容量的电池飞行时将获得更长的飞行滞空时间,这对于我来说是一件好事
  7. Yaros

    Anyone having this issue with Litchi Waypoints? It's driving me crazy!

    There is a bug in Litchi's Waypoints implementation that is driving me crazy! The drone gets “stuck” on a waypoint and then starts to fly round it in circles/lines and never proceeds with the mission. Today it happened to me, here is the mission: Mission Hub - Litchi ( Here is the...
  8. Crash_Davis

    !!!SOLD - Mav Air2 For Sale - $575 - SOLD!!!

    Mav Air2, Hard Case, 5 batteries, 2 sets of factory ND sets, ND4 polarized, ND2000, adjustable 2-6 ND, 3 pairs of sticks and I think 3 or 4 sets of replacement props. Also will include 2 unused SD cards. This has been babied and never crashed or even a hard landing. Have original DJI box and I...
  9. creamand

    The Mavic Mini in the lousy climate of Denmark! (See my PS)

    Hi! :-) I am the happy owner of a DJI Mavic Mini (version 1) - which is a great toy! During the winter I have played with my Litchi app looking forward to spring, when I could get my drone in the air again. I am allowed to fly around many places in Denmark with my Mavic Mini as it weights...
  10. Yaros

    Spotlight (FocusTrack mode) is very useful even on stationary objects! Try it out!

    I have been flying my Air 2 for a little more than 7 months now, most of the flights have done videos completely manually flying the drone. Recently I tried to use the FocusTrack modes and I find them extremely useful, even on things that are stationary like buildings, for example. It's so easy...
  11. Yaros

    Air 2 Air 2S Enjoying the sunset

    This is a photo I took with my Mavic Air 2 of my friend's Air 2S when we were flying together during sunset. In this photo you can see the Air 2S hovering while I took a photo of it from the air!
  12. G

    Air 2 Wivenhoe Dam QLD

  13. Yaros

    Will Litchi mess up my current settings?

    I am about to get started with Litchi and have a simple question. I have all of my settings configured in DJI Fly (Mavic Air 2), all safety, control and camera settings. Will these settings sync when I open litchi or will they change to some Litchi's default ones? I don't plan to use Litchi all...
  14. T

    Firmware Update alert every time I change the battery in my Air 2

    Air 2 firmware 01.01.0700: SC firmware 01.01.0064: GoFly App version 1.5.4 Since updating the A2 firmware to 01.01.0700, every time I load a new battery, the Firmware Update "Update" alert appears when I connect to the aircraft. Checking if update is required reports firmware is up-to-date. If I...
  15. Yaros

    MA2 got very wet during New Year flight! What should I do?

    I have been flying 20 minutes during new year 2022 to record some fireworks and some other stuff, it wasn't raining, but the humidity and condensation was 100%, it was like falling really small droplets of water from the sky, I thought that it's not a problem for the drone, the spinning...
  16. Yaros

    Air 2 AEB HDR is great!

    Recently I discovered that by making AEB RAW photos you can make really HDR looking photos! This is one of my pics I took a week ago with AEB and combined it + color graded in Photoshop:
  17. Yaros

    Storing the Mavic Air 2

    Hello, I bought my Mavic air 2 around 4 months ago and I really enjoy flying it. But one question I had from the start is - what is the best way of storing to avoid stress cracks, etc... These 4 months I store it unfolded on my shelf, together with the controller and batteries, when I want to...
  18. Yaros

    Air 2S is MUCH Louder than Air 2! Normal or not?

    Hello, just wondering about this because it is pretty strange. I bought an Air 2 while my friend bought an Air 2S. We flew both drones the same way & path but not at the same time. His Air 2S seems at least 3 times louder than my Air 2. Is that normal? We could clearly hear the Air 2S from 100...
  19. hagman23

    *SOLD* Mavic Air 2 Flymore Combo w/ extras

    DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo. No crashes or cracks Comes with 3 batteries Three Battery Charger Remote Control 6 DJI ND Filters (ND4 — ND 256) 4 Pair New Propellers RC cables for Android & Apple devices Extra RC Sticks Box & all instruction manuals Skin from Decal Girl $650 for...
  20. Yaros

    Air 2 Cala Millor, Mallorca Night Shots (Long Exposure) - with Mavic Air 2

    Hey! I have been experimenting with long exposure and smart photo during the evening/night with my Mavic Air 2! If you could give me some feedback that would be awesome! Late Evening Shots (Cala Millor & Sa Coma)