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altitude limit

  1. O


    Hello I have just bought a mavic mini to take skiing and wondered if it would go to the correct height or would I have to buy another one. Cervinia is 6,581 feet above sea level. Kind Regards Ben
  2. Joymaker

    Nolimitdronez with Mavic Air?

    I paid, I tried, and it doesn't look like nolimitdronez supports the Mavic air. Am I missing something? Has anyone discovered otherwise? If not, has anyone discovered another way to get in and modify the altitude limit? Because I'm going places where I could fly up a mountain 3000 feet high...
  3. beatnik

    Indoor Flying Altitude Limit is 13 feet AGL

    I had not flown indoors in a while. I was asked to fly over some RV's parked in a large hanger building. No GPS and the Mav in Atti. When I take off I get the warning NO GPS Altitude limit set. So it puts that limit at 13 feet. The ceiling in the hanger is about 50 feet. The RV's are about 8...
  4. Cheech Wizard

    Advice on terrain follow mode.

    Does anyone know what the altitude limit is when using "terrain follow" mode? Lets say I wanted it to stay 100 ft of the ground and there is a fairly steep hill with 70 ft trees on it (not too thick), would the trees interfere with the sensors? Or is it more GPS? Thanks for your replies.
  5. mlaczek

    Fake or not.

    hi guys, what do you think, this picture is fake, or not? if not, i'll traveling by plane never anymore. :eek:
  6. J

    Max Altitude Limit for USA

    Suddenly the Mavic won't fly above 400 ft whereas a few days ago I was able to fly well above that. Now suddenly it limits me to 120 meters max in the setting. When I try to raise it to say 240 it drops back down when the focus is moved to another field. I live at the base of a mountain and...