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Nolimitdronez with Mavic Air?


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Feb 13, 2018
Redding, California
I paid, I tried, and it doesn't look like nolimitdronez supports the Mavic air. Am I missing something? Has anyone discovered otherwise?

If not, has anyone discovered another way to get in and modify the altitude limit? Because I'm going places where I could fly up a mountain 3000 feet high, while staying within 400 feet of terrain, which seems like a very reasonable thing to do to get good mountaintop pictures. Has ANYONE found a way to overcome this limit for the Air?
No way to do this as yet. Alternative is to climb to the top of the mountain and fly down ;)
You don't need to modify the Air to fly up a mountain. I've done this many times... see this video, and some of my other videos:

Yea but it’s limited to like 1700’ or something. Highest mine went without it telling me it’s maxed out was around there. So If im at base level and the mountain tops 2,000 feet I can’t read the top
hello all,

Need help.

I paid nolimitdronez, and had success in DJI GO 4.1.14 hack,
but this version isn't compatible with mavic AIR !!

Could anyone tell me how to hack the correct DJI mavic air version,
and how to remove altitude limits (in grey color in app)

Thanks friends,

Thanks for answer,
But i should be able to hack FCC NLD GO.

And It seems that we can't !

Did yo succeded ?
I tried emailing them and posting a blog post to no avail. I got my membership, the only things I could change were the attitude and the ascend and descend speeds; things that I had access to without NLD. the FCC hack is not working on android, nor is it available on iOS.

To tell you the truth. I think I was scammed.
pretty sure its supported now.
Not really. Unfortunately almost all of the features of NLD have never been enabled for the Mavic Air.
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