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app crash

  1. Steve F

    Phone connection lost while flying in the rain

    Just wanted to share an experience I recently had with my Mavic Air 2 during an unplanned rainstorm, and a problem that developed between my phone and controller. While out flying it started raining. In the process of finishing up and getting the drone back I got fairly wet. As a result, my...
  2. dvarapala

    Go 4 4.1.18 Crashed on Me Today

    Been running Android version 4.1.18 for months now, but this is the first time it has ever crashed. First I noticed that the little map window in the corner had gone blank. A few seconds later the app just vanished - no error message or anything. Remote still had full control so I started...
  3. RoadieMunky

    Mavic Pilots App (Admins?)

    Hi Admins, Not sure where to post this or e-mail this, so thought i'd stick it here. Feel free to tell me off if I'm in the wrong place. Anyways, My phone (android) recently updated (can't remember what app or what kind of system update), but it did say that Mavic Pilots app was no longer...
  4. A

    My Mavic Pro iphone app crashes but Android works

    Hi I have been flying my Mavic Pro with my iPhone for long time. But now my app is crashing as soon as I press video record button. I tried formatting memory card, changed memory card and reinstalled app but nothing fixed. Then I tried flying with Android Samsung s8 and I had no issue flying...
  5. C

    Android Dji Go4 Crashing? Install it from Google play!

    Well, the title says it all! Bought my mavic yesterday and today I went to do my 1st flight. Right from the start I started to have problems with the app, without any warning it would crash... over and over again... I felt so frustrated and I landed the mavik and went back home to try to find a...
  6. X

    Android app just started to randomly close after update..

    I have flew my drone many times now fine never had an issue. I first used GO regular for a while until it told me its not supported and to use go 4 so i used go 4 and had no issues till Sunday when I updated the app to latest version. Now I will be flying and I look at my phone (s7 regular) and...
  7. D

    App Crashed Whilst Flying - What to do?

    Hi Everyone, I was flying my Mavic yesterday evening when the DJI GO 4 app crashed. At the time the drone was around 500-600m away and still visible. Shortly before the app crashed the low battery warning had gone off, so losing the camera feed and all info from the app got my heart rate...